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16 Trader Joe’s Breakfast Items to Take On the Go

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Looking for the best Trader Joe’s breakfast items so that you can take a quick and balanced breakfast on the go? It’s easy with this list of Trader Joe’s healthy breakfast ideas. Mix and match, or use the combinations below.

While I usually focus on easy Trader Joe’s dinner recipes, there are (of course) a number of breakfast items at Trader Joe’s that can be pulled together for a nutritious meal.

4 healthy breakfast ideas from Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s Breakfast Items to Mix and Match for a Balanced Meal

The framework I like to use when creating nutritious breakfasts is to include protein, grain, and fruit. This can look like many different things (cheerios + milk + banana) for example gets it all done in one bowl, but it’s also easy to make this happen with a variety of

So I went on a trip to find the best Trader Joe’s breakfast items to mix and match for a balanced breakfast.

This list of Trader Joe’s breakfast items is by no means exhaustive, but should give you a good starting point for some easy breakfast ideas.

trader joe's grain breakfast ideas

Trader Joe’s Healthy Breakfast – Grain Items

This section may be one of the hardest sections. Is cereal healthy? Granola bars? Granola? Muffins?

My general rule of thumb is to aim for items with less than 10 grams of added sugar. (I’m not over-the-top strict about sugar…but I kinda want my kids to eat sugar as treats and not as breakfast…). With that said, we’re pairing all of these grain items with protein items, which always helps major blood sugar fluctuations.

  • Granola bites – These bites are pre-packaged if you need to grab quickly. Grab the berry for breakfast and chocolate chips for snacks/treats.
  • Granola – Another great option that you can quickly portion at home. I like the almond butter granola the best!
  • Granola bars – Choose an oat-based granola bar instead of the fruit-filled bars for extra nutrition and a lower sugar option.
  • Pain au lait – My kids love this “sweet bread” as they call it and while it may not be as nutritious as sprouted bread, it’s pretty low in sugar and tastes delicious.
  • Mini bagels – Serve toasted or not with cream cheese.
Trader Joe's protein ideas for breakfast

Trader Joe’s Healthy Breakfast – Protein Items

  • Hard Boiled Eggs – Make your own or buy the pre-boiled and peeled eggs for a fast option.
  • Greek yogurt – Choose plain and sweeten it yourself with honey, fruit, or syrup or choose a flavored option.
  • Cheese sticks – Cheese works for breakfast, too!
  • Cottage cheese – Serve a scoop of cottage cheese with fresh fruit or a swirl of jam if your kids don’t like it plain.
  • Milk – Plain cow’s milk is a great source of protein.
  • Sausage – Trader joe’s veggie breakfast patties are a delicious option for a vegetarian protein source and can quickly be heated in the microwave. There are also some raw chicken breakfast sausages that need to be cooked, but are delicious.
trader joe's fruit ideas for breakfast

Trader Joe’s Healthy Breakfast – Fruit Items

Obviously this list does not cover every fruit item, but I wanted to give you some basic ideas and highlight some fruits that don’t require much prep/cutting.

  • Nectarine or peaches
  • Clementines
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Apple sauce pouches
  • Fresh berries
  • Frozen fruit – (gently thaw and serve with yogurt!)

Trader Joe’s Healthy Breakfast Combination Ideas:

All of these items can be mixed and matched, or use these combinations if you don’t want to think about it:

Breakfast #1:

Granola bar + kiwi + hard boiled egg

Trader Joe's granola bar + kiwi + hard boiled egg

Breakfast #2:

Pain au Lait + apple + cheese sticks

Trader Joe's pain au lait + apple + cheese sticks

Breakfast #3:

Berry granola bites + banana + cottage cheese

Trader Joe's granola bites + banana + cottage cheese

Breakfast #4:

Mini bagels + clementine + Greek yogurt

trader joe's mini bagels, Greek yogurt, and clementine

What about Trader Joe’s Pre-Made Smoothies?

I want to like these, but I just can’t! I hate seeing smoothies with cane sugar as the second ingredient…not because I’m anti-sugar, but because I don’t think smoothies need sugar and especially not that much! Here are a few smoothie recipes, which can be made ahead and frozen:

More Easy Trader Joe’s Recipes:

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