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Trader Joe’s Meals in Minutes eBook

25 insanely fast recipes, 10 ingredients or less


Buy all of your groceries from Trader Joe’s? 

Need some ideas on how to actually turn your bag of groceries into easy and healthy meals that are ready in minutes?

These exclusive recipes will give you inspiration and ideas to get quick meals on the table insanely fast, utilizing shortcuts from TJ’s.

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the 25 Easy trader Joe's recipes inside:

"I love that the ingredients are pictured along with the final recipe. So easy to see what I'll need!"
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emily dingmann

I'm sort of a Trader Joe's expert. It's not a college degree or anything (yet!), but I've spent enough time perusing the aisles of Trader Joe's and I've tried MOST of their products. And, I've figured out how to create quick and easy meals, made from ingredients from Trader Joe's. They have so many great convenience foods that can be turned into real meals! When I'm not shopping at Trader Joe's, I'm developing recipes for my meal plan service, trying to get my kids to eat vegetables, and reading about food!