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Honest Daily Harvest Review for 2021

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I’m obsessed with daily harvest smoothies (specifically a few flavors) and want to share my 100% honestly daily harvest review from a nutrition and food-lover perspective. I’ll answer all of the common questions about daily harvest AND share my daily harvest promo code so that you can get $25 off your first order.

Here for the daily harvest promo code? If you use my daily harvest promo code (RE-ERLEHL6), we’ll both get $25 off our orders!

This daily harvest review is not sponsored, I’ve paid for all of these items on my own and the opinions are all mine. If you use my daily harvest promo code (RE-ERLEHL6), we’ll both get $25 off our orders!

favorite daily harvest smoothie

I had seen daily harvest smoothies around, but they honestly never caught my eye. Then COVID, and trying to do two jobs at once, and not taking care of myself, etc., etc., and I needed to do a few things for ME. Do I feel guilty about that? HELLLLLLLLL NO.

Daily harvest smoothies are a way that I can remove one thing off my plate, add some major nutrition into my meals, and also? ENJOY a convenience meal. Does it cost more than making smoothies or meals at home? Of course. We’re paying for convenience here and there are plenty of times that it’s worth it!

I’m going to share my honest opinions about all of the daily harvest items I’ve tried, from a nutrition and food-lover perspective.

What is Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest is a meal delivery service that ships frozen plant-based convenience foods straight to your door! Each item takes just a few minutes to prepare.

The items are made from high-quality, plant-based ingredients, and you can see them when you open up the packages! The full nutrition stats, ingredients list, an preparation instructions are also found online.

Overall, from a nutrition perspective, I think the ingredients (so many fruits and vegetables!) are great but many of the meals are not high enough in calories/protein to be a satisfying meal. More on that below when I go into more details on specific items.

box of daily harvest smoothies

How does Daily Harvest Work?

The daily harvest plans are a subscription, but it’s totally customizable. You will automatically be signed up for weekly shipments, but can pause as many as you like. I probably get one shipment every month or 6-weeks.

There is a discount with the more items you order, so once you figure out which daily harvest options are your favorite, you can order in bulk to save some money.

Everything is frozen so the box comes with dry ice to ensure that the food stays frozen during shipment. They are also super great if there is a mistake in your package or if it comes in rough shape, just reach out to them.

How Much is Daily Harvest?

Daily harvest is not cheap! The cost will depend on what items you get, but range from $5.99 for oat and chia bowls; $7.99 for smoothies, soups, bites, and lattes; $8.99 for harvest bowls and flatbreads.

Generally speaking, they are less than what you would pay at a smoothie bar or coffee shop, and more than what you would pay for a frozen meal at the grocery store.

See thoughts on the cost above, I have opinions!

Daily Harvest Promo Code

You know you want this coupon code! Click HERE to get $25 off your first order, or use code: RE-ERLEHL6. It comes out to more than 3 free items and it’s totally how I got hooked!

Using this code means we’ll both get $25 off our orders, thanks for your support!

Is Daily Harvest Worth It?

Well that depends of course, but I think so! Now that I’ve tried a number of items and I know exactly what I’m looking for, I would 100% say that daily harvest is worth it for me. With that said, I only buy select items which are filling enough (have enough calories, protein, etc.) to be a meal.

If you’re willing to pay for convenience, then I think you will definitely think the daily harvest price is worth it. Figure out what daily harvest meals you like and what is important to you (ie. are you ok with adding extra ingredients to make it more filling and to add calories?) and then you can decide if it’s worth it! It definitely saves on meal prep, so I’ve found it’s worth it for me.

Daily Harvest Review Video (Overview + How it Works):

Daily Harvest Smoothies:

My favoriteeeeeeeee items in this daily harvest review! I went in for the smoothies. I love smoothies and smoothie bowls and while I make them myself, I don’t always take the time to throw 10 different items together in the blender, even though they make a delicious, nutritious breakfast. Enter daily harvest to the rescue to make healthy food easy.

I’ve tried a wide variety of the daily harvest smoothies, but I have some clear winners. Now, one important thing to note is the daily harvest calories. I go into this below with the other items in this review, but if I’m paying a premium price, I want it to be a whole meal. Not 100 calories. So in my first order, I didn’t look too closely at the nutrition stats for each smoothie. And then I was disappointed when there were smoothies with not nearly enough calories to be a meal. (For me, this is anything less than 400 calories.)

So while the flavors might be amazing, I need daily harvest smoothies to be filling!

The Cacao + Avocado Smoothie is rich, creamy, and incredibly filling (530 calories). It’s made with zucchini, pumpkin seeds, dates, avocado, coconut milk, cacao powder, coconut oil, pea protein, cacao nibs, and himalayan sea salt.

I also love the Chocolate + Hazelnut. (I honestly never knew I liked chocolate smoothies so much!) The fruity flavors that I’ve tried have been delicious, but don’t have enough calories for a meal.

Another favorite is the Mint + Cacao which reminds me of a mint chocolate smoothie I used to get in LA. It’s also got chlorella, which is a nice boost. I add a scoop of protein powder to this one as it only has 250 calories.

Chocolate + Blueberry Smoothie is another favorite (apparently I like ALL the chocolate ones!) and I’ll add protein powder to this one as it’s only 280 calories.

The Cherry + Almond Smoothie is bright and fruity and I love it on warm days. Another one that needs a scoop of protein powder.

One option is to add some of your own protein to the smoothies, and I do this with any that are low in calories, but I don’t love having to add things into a smoothie that is already $7.99.

If that’s important to you too, be sure to check the nutrition stats to make sure they are in the caloric range you are looking for.

REMINDER: 100-200 calorie smoothies are not a meal and will not keep you satisfied.

daily harvest reviews - smoothie

Daily Harvest Oatmeal & Chia Bowls:

Of all of the daily harvest menu items, the oatmeal bowls are probably my least favorite. Partially because it’s pretty simple for me to make my own overnight oats or oatmeal and partially because I was a little underwhelmed by what’s included in the bowls. The Mulberry + Dragonfruit was just fruit and oatmeal – it was tasty, but not something I would order again. Also, not filling enough for a meal.

I do like one of the chia bowls, though. The Vanilla Bean and Apple Chia Bowl is lightly sweet, creamy, and even sneaks some cauliflower into breakfast!

The Blackberry + Majik Bowl is a pretty shade of blue, but the flavors didn’t do it for me.

daily harvest bowls cauliflower rice

Daily Harvest Bowls:

I love the concept of the bowls but… I need more protein! It’s why I usually stick to the bowls that contain beans.

Take the Cauliflower Rice & Pesto Bowl, delicious flavors and I love that it’s loaded with vegetables, but it only has 250 calories, which is definitely not enough for a meal, so it requires the addition of some substantial calories and protein to turn it into a meal.

While the Red Lentil + Cumin Bowl also only has 240 calories, I loved the flavors in this bowl. It has a curry vibe, and is sort of like a light dal with rice.

The Lentil + Tomato Bolognese Bowl has great flavor. The mushrooms were a little large for my personal preference, but I would still order it again.

The Chickpea + Za’atar Bowl has great flavors, and with 430 calories, can also be a meal on its own.

The Broccoli + Cheeze Bowl was surprisingly good! I’m a Wisconsin girl and love my dairy, so I had very low expectations for the cheeze sauce, but it’s actually delicious and fairly filling at 370 calories.

Brussels Sprouts + Lime Pad Thai is low in calories (250), but I enjoyed the flavors.

Flavor wise? Bowls were great and I love that the packaging can be composted.

daily harvest flatbread review

Daily Harvest Flatbreads:

Different item, same story. Loved the flavors, but light on calories for a meal. Which isn’t uncommon for frozen meals – they are usually too low to be an actual filling meal.

I simply added cheese for some more calories and protein so that it could be a full meal.

I would probably buy these once-in-a-while, but be prepared to add some extra calories – cheese, dairy-free cheese, fried egg, chicken sausage, etc.

Is it pizza? NO. And I think that is an important note. 🙂

daily harvest flatbread review

Daily Harvest Lattes & Drinks:

I have very specific tastes when it comes to coffee, so I was hesitant to even try these drinks. I know what I like and never (ok, rarely!) stray. But, I wanted to try some of everything for a complete and thorough and honest daily harvest review.

The drinks and lattes come 3 pods to a pack, so it ends up being cheaper than going to a coffee shop and the chaga + chocolate latte (no coffee, just mushrooms) was delicious and tasted like chocolate milk. (I obviously love all things chocolate from Daily Harvest.)

I would actually buy the lattes again, (matcha and lemongrass) once the weather is cool again and I drink tea throughout the day. This one surprised me!

daily harvest latte

Daily Harvest Scoops:

This is another item that I ordered purely just to sample for my review, and honestly wasn’t really expecting to like it…because I love the real deal ice cream.

But the daily harvest scoops surprised me! I tried the strawberry + berry compote, which is similar to a strawberry coconut ice cream with a ribbon of fresh berries. I loved it!

Is Daily Harvest Packaging Recyclable?

This was an important question for me! And the answer is yes! All of the packaging (box, insulated liner, cups, and lids) are recyclable and the harvest bowls can even be composted.

Now that I know what my favorite items are, I also order in bulk to Recipe is below, so save on cost AND shipping packaging.

Ready to try it out for yourself?

Be sure to use my daily harvest promo code! Click HERE to get $25 off your first order, or use code: RE-ERLEHL6. It comes out to more than 3 free items and it’s totally how I got hooked!

Using this code means we’ll both get $25 off our orders, thanks for your support!

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you found this review incredibly helpful! I’ll share my suggestions with you if you need them. 🙂

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