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Viral TikTok Breakfast Sandwich

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If you’ve seen the viral TikTok breakfast sandwich, you’ve probably been tempted to make it yourself! I’m sharing all the details, along with some tips that I learned along the way because while the viral sensation looks incredibly simple, it took a few tries to get it right.

Try this sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with a cold foam iced coffee and some fresh fruit for a delicious start to your day.

Hand holding TikTok breakfast sandwich with strawberries in background.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

This turkey sausage breakfast sandwich is sponsored by . I’m excited to partner with them in 2022, especially because we use their products every single week. (If you’ve ever seen my Costco hauls, you’ve seen me recommend their sausages in BULK!)

Today features the delicious Jones Dairy Farm . This breakfast sausage is fully cooked, for fast and easy preparation and is made with just a few ingredients. It’s juicy and delicious and is also Certified Gluten-Free and allergen friendly, which is especially helpful for families that need to pay close attention to ingredients and allergens.

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Viral Breakfast Sandwich TikTok VIDEO

What You’ll Love About the TikTok Breakfast Sandwich

  • Filling and hearty
  • Fun and different
  • Made with just 6 ingredients
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to make
Cutting viral egg sandwich GIF


This mega TikTok egg sandwich recipe comes together with just 6 ingredients:

  • – Turkey + pepper jack cheese + avocado is an amazing combo, but you could also use one of their other sausage varieties. Any of them would be delicious! This breakfast sausage is fully cooked, for fast and easy preparation and is made with just a few ingredients.
  • Butter – You’ll need it for your pan and for your bread. If you prefer, you can use cooking spray on the pan to prevent eggs from sticking.
  • Eggs – Use your favorite type of eggs.
  • Sea salt & black pepper
  • Bread – I recommend using a lighter sandwich bread that is in a square shape so that it flips over easily.
  • Pepper jack cheese – The mild spice of pepper jack is great on this sandwich, but you can use any sliced cheese, cheddar cheese or American cheese work well too.
  • Avocado – We’re slicing the avocado for the sandwich, but you could also use a mashed avocado or even a prepared guacamole.
Ingredients to make viral TikTok breakfast sandwich.

How to Make TikTok Breakfast Sandwich

Truth be told, this is not quite as easy as it looks, but I tested and tinkered and have tips (below!) so that you can nail it on your first try:

  • Cook sausages. Cook Jones Dairy Farm No Antibiotics Ever Turkey Sausages until hot – you can use a skillet or microwave. Slice sausages in half lengthwise.
  • Prep eggs. Whisk eggs in a bowl and season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Cook eggs. Pour eggs into medium-low nonstick frying pan and cook until almost set. Add bread, butter side up, and let cook briefly to set bread into mixture.
  • Flip mixture over. Carefully flip over, using two spatulas.
  • Add fillings. Add cheese to bread and then top one side with sausages and avocado. Fold over the second slice of bread and cook until bread is golden brown.
  • Serve. Cut in half and serve.

Tips for the Best Viral Breakfast Sandwich

This breakfast sausage sandwich took a few tries to get right (even though it looked so easy!), so here are my big tips so that you can get it right the first try:

  • Use three eggs. I tried this with two eggs and there just isn’t simply enough egg mixture to work.
  • Let egg mixture set before adding bread. This will help give you a nice layer of egg, instead of the mixture soaking into bread for a french toast vibe.
  • Leave one side of bread without egg mixture. This will give you a crisper crust that is desirable in a breakfast sandwich vs. a french toast type of texture.
Viral egg sandwich on a plate with strawberries.

Storage Instructions

This sandwich is best served immediately.

Viral egg sandwich with a bite out of it.

What to Serve with the Viral Breakfast Sandwich

This is a pretty substantial sandwich, but if you want a side or drink, add some fresh fruit or a sweet cream cold foam coffee.

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Hand holding TikTok breakfast sandwich with strawberries in background.

Viral TikTok Breakfast Sandwich

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Let’s make the viral TikTok breakfast sandwich! It’s a hearty and delicious breakfast and I’m sharing my 3 best tips so you can get it right on the first try. 




  1. Cook Jones Dairy Farm No Antibiotics Ever Turkey sausages until hot (in a hot skillet or microwave, according to package instructions) and slice lengthwise and set aside.
  2. Crack eggs into a small bowl and whisk until uniform in color. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Heat butter in a medium-sized nonstick skillet over medium low heat. When butter foams, pour eggs into skillet.
  4. Cook eggs until almost set, scraping down the edges with a spatula as it cooks. When almost set, add bread to eggs, butter side up. Let cook a bit longer to anchor the bread into eggs and then carefully flip everything over. (I found it helpful to use two spatulas.)
  5. Immediately fold over edges of egg onto the bread. Add cheese slices and then top one side with sliced sausages and sliced avocado. 
  6. Cook until bread is golden brown and flip over slice of bread to the side with sausage and avocado. 
  7. Cut in half and serve.  


  • I can’t find the original creator of this recipe, if you know it please share so I can credit them!

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