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Easy Green Smoothie Recipe

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Ready to jump on the green smoothie for breakfast trend? This easy green smoothie recipe is made with just 5 simple ingredients (plus, options for other green smoothie ingredients) and takes just a few minutes to make. Try out my simple green smoothie recipe, it’s perfect for green smoothie beginners! And if you love adding some veggies to your morning meal, try my peanut butter chocolate smoothie next time.

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

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Green Smoothie Ingredients

I love this easy green smoothie recipes for beginners because it’s made with basic ingredients, and you don’t need to buy anything crazy. It’s best to see if you LIKE green smoothies before spending a bunch of money on powders, supplements, etc.

See below for other ingredient options.

  • Milk – I’ve used cow’s milk, but anything works
  • Kale – I use frozen chopped kale to keep things quick and easy
  • Banana – Freeze sliced bananas and store in the freezer for an extra-creamy smoothie
  • Pear – Chop the pear before blending
  • Almond butter – See below for other options
Green smoothie ingredients on a plate

How to Make a Green Smoothie

It’s beyond easy to make this green smoothie for breakfast!

  • Add ingredients to blender. Add in milk first so that it blends easily.
  • Blend. Blend until smooth and creamy.
Ingredients for green smoothie in a blender

Green Smoothie Recipe FAQs

Are green smoothies healthy?

This is all going to depend on the recipe and what you’re hoping to get out of it. In this easy green smoothie recipe, it’s a great way to ADD IN fruits, veggies, and nuts in a delicious and convenient way.

Are green smoothies really that good for you?

Is a green smoothie with kale going to transform your life? Sorry, but probably not. Now, is it a great way to add some more fruits and veggies into your life? Maybe! Does it make you feel good? Do it!

What are the best greens to put in a smoothie?

I have three main recommendations for greens for green smoothies:

  • Spinach – Spinach is the most mild dark green and a great one to add to simple green smoothies.
  • Kale – Kale has more flavor (and bitterness) than spinach, but I think it still blends into smoothies well. You can use fresh or buy a bag of frozen for the easiest option.
  • Lettuce – Make sure you aren’t using a bitter green like arugula. Romaine or baby leaf lettuce works well.

Can you freeze green smoothies?

Yes! And it’s a great way to make smoothies ahead for busy mornings. I recommend freezing the smoothie in a blender bottle (be sure to leave room as it will expand when it freezes) and taking it out to thaw in the refrigerator overnight.

Otherwise, thaw at room temperature for a few hours, shaking to break up any icy chunks. (Hence why the blender bottle works so well!)

Two glasses of simple green smoothie recipe

Green Smoothie for Breakfast Nutrition + Substitutes

You can definitely make this green smoothie for breakfast your own!

  • Milk – Use your favorite milk here. It’s easy to make this green smoothie dairy-free, just swap your favorite nut, oat, soy, etc. milk for the cow’s milk. Make this green smoothie vegan by using a vegan milk.
  • Nuts – The original recipe calls for almond butter, but you can really use any nut butter.
  • Greens – See above for green options.
  • Fruit – I like using banana and pear for a sweet and creamy smoothie, but use your favorites here.
Two green smoothies in a wine glass

More Easy Smoothie Recipes

If you like simple green smoothie recipes like this one, you may like some of my other easy smoothie recipes:

  • Blueberry Banana Smoothie – Just 5 minutes and 5 ingredients to make this delicious smoothie, just like my favorite smoothie spot in West Hollywood!
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  • Smoothie Bombs – Compact green smoothie “bombs” that you can add to any smoothie to get some greens in.

Helpful Tools to Make Green Smoothies

  • Blender – Really the only thing you need to make your smoothie besides the green smoothie ingredients! This one cuts through every green – no chunks!
  • Blender Bottle – I highly recommend these bottles if you plan on making your green smoothie recipes ahead. They are great for freezing and taking on-the-go.

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Two glasses of simple green smoothie with straws

Easy Green Smoothie Recipe

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Try my easy green smoothie recipe that’s perfect for breakfast! Made with basic green smoothie ingredients, this one is perfect for beginners.


  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1 pear
  • 2 cups kale
  • 2 Tbsp. almond butter


  1. Add ingredients to blender, in order listed.
  2. Blend until smooth.


  • Freeze sliced banana (no peel) and diced pear prior to making smoothie for a extra-thick smoothie. 
  • Use any nut butter that you prefer. 
  • Nutrition facts are calculated with whole milk. 

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