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Mediterranean Charcuterie Board

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If you are looking for a simple yet impressive way to entertain guests, or just put out an awesome snack board dinner, this Mediterranean charcuterie board is the perfect option. I will walk you through the components, prep, and how to put it all together so it looks awesome! Serve this spread as an appetizer, light meal, or the ultimate afternoon snack.

Mediterranean charcuterie boards can really be as basic or as complex as you want them to be. While I’m using all prepared dips, spreads, etc. in this version, you can absolutely make your own creamy dill hummus, hummus with gremolata, whipped lemon feta dip, and baba ganoush or even add baked appetizers like spankopita, little feta cheese bites, or any savory snacks.

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Mediterranean charcuterie board platter

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

What is a Mediterranean Charcuterie Board?

A Mediterranean charcuterie board is a collection of cured meats, cheeses, and accompaniments originating from the Mediterranean region, arranged on a serving board. These spreads have been enjoyed for generations as a staple in Mediterranean cuisine, especially in Italy, Spain, and Greece. And today, they are super popular for gatherings and on restaurant menus.

First, let’s look at what region we are talking about. The Mediterranean region consists of countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea and include the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey.

This is quite the list and quite the variety in food, so no need to feel like your Mediterranean grazing board needs to look like mine, instead, use it as inspiration. There is no wrong way to put together this spread!

What You’ll Love About Mediterranean Charcuterie Boards

  • Simple way to feed a crowd
  • Delicious and nutritious
  • Looks gorgeous
  • Crowd pleaser
  • Easy to customize based on size, budget, and access to ingredients
  • Includes a balanced variety of food


  • Meat – Aim to choose a few different types of cured meats, or even some tinned fish or seafood like shrimp cocktail. Prosciutto, salami, mortadella, Spanish chorizo, and Bresaola are all good options.
  • Cheese – Aim to choose a few different types of cheeses. Feta, halloumi, Manchego, mozzarella, and goat cheese are great options. No matter what the theme is, I always include a nice aged gouda because it’s SO good and people always love it.
  • Spreads – Include some of your favorite dips and Mediterranean spreads like hummus, baba ganoush, or a feta dip. You can use store-bought hummus or make your own delicious dips.
  • Fresh produce – Use fresh produce that is easy to eat and serve. Persian cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, mini bell peppers, apricots, dates, figs, and grapes are good options. Dried fruit is also a great addition.
  • Accompaniments – This includes everything else that doesn’t fit into an easy category like frozen spanokopita or other appetizers or finger foods, olives (castelvetrano olives are our fave but you can also use a variety from the olive bar!), nuts, marinated beans or vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes, etc.
  • Dippers – Choose two or three types of crackers or bread. I like including air fryer pita chips (nothing better than warm pita bread!) to pair well with the dips. You can also use your favorite crackers.
Close up of Mediterranean charcuterie board

How to Put Together Your Board

This is an overview on how to put together your Mediterranean charcuterie board (aka your culinary masterpiece) with a few styling tips sprinkled in. You’ll find even more details in the recipe card below.

Put out spreads. I always like to start my boards with anything that is in small bowls so that you are sure to leave enough space for them. Spread them out on your charcuterie board, cutting board, or even sheet pan and give hummus a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of flaky sea salt. TIP: Be sure to include some spoons or knives.
Mediterranean board spreads
Add cheese and meats to board. Place cheese and meats around the bowls. Depending on how many you have, I like to spread them out and put a cheese and meat next to each other – but use different combinations around different bowls if you have a few of each. TIP: Cut up any hard cheeses in small pieces so they are easy to grab and fold charcuterie meat in small pieces.
Mediterranean charcuterie board dips and spreads
Add your crackers and dippers. Next to your cheese and meat, place some dippers. For this Mediterranean charcuterie, I’m using air fryer pita chips in addition to some crackers. TIP: Use a few different types of dippers, ideally 2-3.
Mediterranean grazing board with pita chips
Add your fresh produce. Now is the time to nestle in any fresh vegetables and fresh fruit onto your board. TIP: Slice or prep any fruit so it’s ready to eat – unless it’s supposed to be a garnish!
Grazing snack board with fresh produce
Add nuts. Finish your Mediterranean platter with some nuts, stuffing them wherever you have some empty space. TIP: Add a green garnish with fresh herbs like rosemary or hydrangea leaves here.
Finished Greek snack board

Storage Instructions

Store any leftover component in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Use them to make sandwiches or mini charcuterie board lunches or snacks.

Fancy snack board with spreads and dips

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Mediterranean charcuterie board platter

Mediterranean Charcuterie Board

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This beautiful and bountiful Mediterranean charcuterie board is a delicious and visually stunning spread that includes cured meats, cheeses, nuts, olives, fruits, and more.


  • Meats – Prosciutto, salami, mortadella, Spanish chorizo (definitely include this if you can find it as it’s delicious and different)
  • Cheese – Feta, halloumi, Manchego, aged gouda, mozzarella, goat cheese
  • Spreads – any Mediterranean spreads like hummus, baba ganoush, and feta dip
  • Produce – Grapes, apple slices, dates, figs, Persian cucumbers, radishes, carrots
  • Extras – Olives, nuts, marinated artichokes, stuffed grape leaves
  • Dippers – I love to serve with hot air fryer pita chips and 1-2 crackers


  1. Put out spreads. Transfer dips to small bowls and arrange on platter. TIP: Be sure to include some spoons or knives.
  2. Add cheese and meats. Arrange them next to the spreads. TIP: Cut up any hard cheeses in small pieces so they are easy to grab and fold charcuterie meat in small pieces.
  3. Add crackers and dippers. Arrange the crackers next to the cheese and meat for easy eating.
  4. Add fresh produce. TIP: Slice or prep any fruit and veggies so they ready to eat – unless it’s supposed to be a garnish!
  5. Stop and look. Step back and assess your Mediterranean charcuterie board. Does it look like it has good variety? Do any sections need more or less? Now is the time to adjust! Squeeze items in close to each other so the board looks full and abundant.
  6. Add nuts. Finish with nuts and add them any place that you see openings on the board. TIP: Add a green garnish with fresh herbs like rosemary or hydrangea leaves here.


  • Choose 2-3 components from each category. 
  • You’ll want to have about 3 ounces of meat and cheese per person for an appetizer portion or 6 ounces for a dinner portion.

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