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21 Best Healthy Costco Snacks for Kids

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If you’re wondering what to buy at Costco, look no further! I’m sharing 21 of the best healthy Costco snacks that make it into our cart. These healthy snacks to buy at Costco are made with nutritious ingredients and are kid-friendly, but also great for adults, too! And while you’re there, grab the details for a $50 or $100 Costco cheese board.

When I approach snacking and healthy eating for kids, my philosophy is to focus on meals (so that kids aren’t grazing all day), but I’m also realistic and understand that snacking is sort of a necessity in our culture and way of life. And that’s fine! Sometimes snacks are super nutritious (veggies and greek yogurt veggie dip) and sometimes they are a little more on the “fun” side (bars, crackers, etc.). There’s room for both. 🙂

The important thing is to make sure that you’re offering options that have a bit of protein, fiber, or healthy fats in them. If it’s mostly empty calories, their hunger won’t be satisfied! So pair pretzels with some peanut butter, or seaweed snacks with a cheese stick, etc. As for the “healthiest snacks at Costco“…that’s a little harder, as that will vary based on what you’re looking for!

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21 healthy snacks for kids from costco

Best Costco Snacks

The healthy food at Costco has always been a draw for me, but when we lived in LA it was too much of a nightmare to deal with. Now that we are in Minneapolis, I probably get there once a month, more often if we have a party or something specific that we need to buy.

When it comes to healthy Costco snacks, or any snacks really, I like to start with fresh and single-ingredient items. Vegetables, fruits, cheese sticks, applesauce, nuts/seeds, etc. But, I also find it incredibly convenient to have an assortment of individually packaged snacks that you can grab to throw into a bag as we’re rushing out the door to dance class (late again, per usual…why?!).

So while I’m including a few fresh items that are also individually packaged, most of the snacks in my best Costco snack list fall under the packaged category. One more note! While these healthy Costco snacks are obviously found at Costco, many of them are available elsewhere, too! I’ve included amazon links where available.

You’ll find options that are vegan, gluten-free, no added sugar, whole grain, and more. Ok, let’s get to the healthy snacks to buy at Costco!

Healthy Costco Snacks: Sweet

Prana Deluxe Chocolate Trail Mix: While plain almonds are good…this bulk trail mix is a tempting combo of cashews, almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate, and dried fruit is better. The chocolate tastes like a treat, but the nuts will balance it out. (Make sure your kids are old enough for nuts, they are a choking hazard!)

prana snack mix costco

Autumn’s Gold Grain Free Granola Bars: While I’m not paleo or grain free, I appreciate many products that are because they are usually packed with nutritious ingredients. This is a great choice for a wholesome Costco granola bar.

autumn's gold grain free granola bars box

Pure Layered Fruit Bars: These bars taste like fruit snacks, but are made with fruit and have no sugar added. My kids are still young enough that this is a “treat!”

healthy snacks costco - pure bars

Kirkland Trail Mix: Again, a little chocolate balanced out with nuts is ok! I like to also keep these for myself.

kirkland trail mix - best costco snacks

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars: My kids love these bars! They are sweet, but also made with whole grains.

nature's bakery fig bars - healthy costco snacks

Clif Kid Z Bars: Another one of the bars in our healthy costco snacks rotation. The variety pack is nice in case you have a kid (like me!) who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies or brownies. 😉

clif kid z bar snacks from costco

Made Good Granola Minis: These little granola pouches are made without peanuts and tree nuts, so would also be a great snack for school if you have a no-nut school. One of the best school snacks from Costco.

made good snack granola - costco

Kind Bars: See my notes about nuts and chocolate above. 🙂 Kind Bars are delicious and have lower sugar levels and higher protein (5 grams of protein!) levels than most bars! These are a great option for older kids and adults.

kind bar snacks costco

Aussie Bites: These wholesome little bites taste SO good and are packed with oats, dried fruit, seeds, etc.

aussie bites from costco

Healthy Costco Snacks: Salty

Pirate’s Booty: Puffs are easy for young eaters, so it’s always something that we’ve kept on hand. Made with minimal ingredients, it’s also peanut and tree nut free.

healthy snacks for kids costco - pirates booty

SunChips: 100% whole grain chips and minimal ingredients.

healthy snacks costco - sunchips

Skinny Pop Popcorn: Popcorn and oil, that’s it! Good option for older kids as popcorn is a choking hazard.

skinny pop popcorn - best snacks costco

Harvest Snaps Pea Crisps: These pea crisps are another good option for young kids as they are soft and dissolve easily, but also have some protein and fiber and are made from peas.

best snacks costco - pea crisps

Whisps Cheese Crisps: Chips made from cheese! Great protein snack to have on-hand. The parmesan does have a strong flavor!

whisps cheese crisps - costco snacks

Simple Mills Almond Flour Cracker: These crackers are very mild in flavor, but are made with ingredients like almond flour and other seeds so that they pack a little nutrition in.

simple mills almond flour crackers - costco snacks

Triscuit Crackers: 100% whole grain classic cracker!

best costco snacks - triscuits

Hippeas (Chickpea Puffs): Puffs made from chickpeas! They pack in protein and fiber.

healthy snacks costco - hippeas

Organic Seaweed Snacks: Seaweed snacks don’t offer much nutrition in terms of calories, protein, fiber, etc. but they do have a great flavor that I like to expose my kids to! Just pair with something that has a little substance.

costco snacks - organic seaweed

Healthy Costco Snacks: Refrigerated

Wholly Guacamole Minis: Add some healthy fats to snack time. Use chips, veggies, or crackers to dip!

mini guacamole cups - what to buy at costco list

Kirkland Organic Hummus Minis: Add a little extra fiber and flavor to snacks. Use chips, veggies, or crackers to dip!

what to buy at costco - kirkland hummus cups

Organic Hard-Boiled Eggs (2 pack): Perfect way to add some protein into snacks. Serve them for breakfast with toast or snacks with some crackers or pretzels.

healthy snacks costco - hard boiled eggs

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