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Whole Foods Market Employee Spills What Is Worth Buying

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Have you ever wondered what foods you should definitely be purchasing from Whole Foods Market? You aren’t alone, lots of people wonder what is a good buy and what items they should skip. Here’s what you should be buying at Whole Foods Market according to an employee who has worked for the company for several years. 

1. Oats, Grains, and Beans

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Whole Foods Market offers some of the best prices on oats, grains, and beans that you can find. Buying them from the bulk section will get you the best price per pound, and there is lots of variety to choose from. 

2. Dried Fruits & Raisins

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Dried fruits and raisins are a great snack, but they tend to be pretty pricey. You can find great prices and varieties of dried fruits and raisins in the bulk section of Whole Foods. 

3. Bread

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Fresh made bread from the bakery at Whole Foods is delicious and inexpensive! You can even get these fresh baked loaves sliced for you. Stock up and store an extra loaf in the freezer for later. 

4. Yogurt

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Yogurt is a great deal at Whole Foods, even if you are looking for some of the premium brands like Chobani. The Whole Foods 365 brand yogurt is a great price compared to some other store brands, especially if you are looking to buy Greek yogurt. 

5. Frozen Fruit

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If your family uses a lot of frozen fruit for smoothies then you need to head over to Whole Foods to get some. They offer great prices on frozen fruits from around the world so you can try something new while picking up your staples like frozen blueberries! 

6. Alternative Milks

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With the Whole Foods 365 brand you can get really great deals on alternative milks like almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk. Customers are particularly fond of the 365 brand almond milk for a variety of sweet and savory dishes! 

7. Bulk Spices

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Another great Whole Foods Market buy is spices and dried herbs from the bulk section. They have a huge selection of spices and herbs that you may not find anywhere else as well as the more commonly used ones, all with a great price. Dried herbs and spices last quite awhile so you don’t have to worry about them losing their flavor even if you buy in bulk. 

8. Bakery Cakes

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Not only are bakery cakes at Whole Foods Market beautiful and delicious but they are a great price too. While they may cost a bit more than a bakery cake from other stores, they are made with real buttercream frosting, which is not true of all grocery store cakes! 

9. Specialty Cheeses

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Whole Foods Market is the place to buy a wide variety of specialty cheeses that you are unlikely to find anywhere else for an excellent price. Save the regular cheeses like shredded cheddar cheese for the grocery store though. 


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