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Weeknight Dinner Club

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How many jobs are you doing right now? we think we're supposed to do it all.

But it's time to let go of that old school idea. let's start with dinner.


When you join the weeknight dinner club you’ll save time, money, and never wonder WTF is for dinner again.

You’ll learn how to cook easy – but flavorful – meals. You’ll learn ways to get your kids involved so that they learn how to cook, but also how to try (and enjoy) new foods. You’ll show your family that no matter how busy or crazy life is, dinner is a time to connect, nourish, and come together as a family. No more dinner guilt!

the cook once, eat twice method

The cook once, eat twice method allows us to spend less time slaving over the stove, and more time doing things you love (or running the kids around!).

It can be super easy to fall into the habit of takeout or frozen pizzas. I know because I was there. We lived on Chipotle takeout and pizza for a while, and then I realized that something had to change. But the time I had in each day wasn’t going to change.

So I shifted how I approached weeknight dinners and learned how valuable the cook once, eat twice method is. 🙌 I’ll never go back!

the Cook once, eat twice method

This method is a GAME-CHANGER in the kitchen and the best way I've found to save time and still get a home-cooked meal on the table. You know those nights that you're running between soccer and dance? These meals will SAVE you.

expose your family to new flavors

Many families have found that when someone else (aka, not YOU) plans the meals, there is a little less stress and anxiety around what's for dinner. Kids love knowing what is on the menu each night and I'm proud of my "meal plan lady" nickname!

pinterest-free meal planning

You've heard of decision fatigue, right? Between work (whether outside or inside the home!), family life, fun, schedules, Dr. appointments, birthday parties, etc. It's SO. HARD. to keep up with it at all...so I'll make all of your weeknight dinner decisions for you! All for just $29.95, less than $1/day!

what our happy families are saying

THANK YOU for returning my sanity. I look forward to the next meal plan each week.

"Hey Emily! I just want to say THANK YOU for returning my sanity. I spent way too much time meal planning every weekend with about 75% of the recipes being a bust. I feel like a weight has been lifted now that the planning is already done for me! I still can't get over how much flavor you get out of simple ingredients! Everything has been delicious and nutritious, and has exposed my boys to new flavors! I look forward to the next meal plan each week!"
The meal plan has helped SO much in decreasing anxiety for my kids at mealtime.

"I love that the meals keep changing with the seasons. This has been especially exciting for my 3 kids to experience new flavors at their peak. Having the meal plan has helped SO much in decreasing anxiety for my kids at mealtime. They see the plan for the week posted on the fridge and can mentally prepare to try new things. I'm seeing their palettes change and curiosity increasing. Thank you, Emily, for making meal plans that are fun and exciting for the whole family.

why pay for a meal plan?

You might be wondering why you would pay $29.95 for a meal plan when there are other plans out there for free! And it’s a valid question.

But this is more than a list of recipe links. How would your life feel more in control if you went into each and every week with a plan that utilizes:

  • the cook once, eat twice‘ method each week, so that you can spend LESS time cooking and MORE time doing things you love
  • a variety of ingredients, proteins, and vegetables each week, so they are nutritionally balanced and full of flavor
  • balanced and complete dinners, so that you don’t have to go searching for side dishes
  • seasonal recipes (no heavy casseroles in the summer!), so you’re making the most of produce while it’s at its peak
  • designed for families, so you don’t have to cook multiple meals every night 
  • no fancy or expensive ingredients, so that you can shop anywhere and not spend a ton of money at the store

I take into consideration YOUR life when I plan meals, and that shows with easy (30-minute) meals, re-using ingredients when we can (no fresh herbs for a garnish unless it’s necessary!), and access to me in our private facebook group. 

Think about what it’s worth to go into each weekend knowing you don’t have to spend your precious time figuring out what you’re going to make the following week! PLUS, many of our members recoup this cost with just one trip to the store. 

Instead of spending your time off running around, scouring the internet, and making your shopping list, you will:

Meet emily: nutritionist + mom

Meals are an important part of our days, and often times stressful times of our days, too!

I pursued a career in Nutrition so that I could share my passion for real (but not perfect) food, and inspire families like yours to cook and eat together without the stress that normally comes with weeknight dinners. It’s an honor to join you at your table!

I started the Weeknight Dinner Club because I had to drastically shift my approach to dinners after having kids. I wanted to have family meals, but struggled to make it happen because I was spending too much time cooking, which I simply didn’t have. The cook once, eat twice method and utilizing smart shortcuts allows me to get family dinners on the table in record time and I want to help YOU do the same. 

Cancel at anytime, Satisfaction guaranteed! I’m so confident that the Weeknight Dinner Club will change your life that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days if it’s not right for you and your family. Membership can be paused or cancelled at anytime. 

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