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Join the Weeknight Dinner Club, and you'll never have to wonder WTF is for dinner again.

Weeknight dinners don’t have to be a source of stress and overwhelm. 

Using my Cook Once, Eat Twice method, smart kitchen shortcuts to save save you time, and the concept of one family meal, you’ll see that dinners don’t have to be a struggle and a huge source of stress.

And no more mom guilt around dinner!!!

This is the step-by-step guide you need to get quick and delicious dinners on the table that the whole family will love.

Right now is the BEST time to take something OFF your plate, while you put delicious family-approved meals on it. 

Stop trying to do it all!

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes *think* that your worth as a mom is dependent on things that really have nothing to do with whether or not you are a good mom.

For some it might be how much time your kids spend on screens, or whether you breastfed your babies, or if fruit snacks are your toddlers favorite food. For others, it may be taking the job of feeding your family 100% on by yourself. 

The TRUTH, is that none of those things make you a good or bad mom and there are no bonus points for trying to do it all by yourself. 

There is a better way...

And here’s how the Weeknight Dinner Club can help you out. The WDC addresses three major issues when it comes to weeknight dinners: having a plan, time, and one family meal. 

If you’re not going into each week with a plan for dinner… 

…it can be super easy to fall into the habit of takeout or frozen pizzas. I know because I was there. We lived on Chipotle takeout and pizza for a while, and then I realized that something had to change. With the WDC, your plan is done and dinner is planned FOR you! 

If you’re trying to make recipes that require complex methods and take an hour…

…it can be super easy to give up on weeknight dinners all together. With the WDC, we utilize the cook once, eat twice method, kitchen shortcuts, and 30 minute meals. 

If you’re a short order cook for your entire family…

…you are probably frustrated and annoyed, your kids are eating the same three meals over and over, and dinners are frantic, not a time for connection. With the WDC, you’ll transition to one family meal, leaving you with less work and inspiring your family to try new foods and flavors.


Join today so the Weeknight Dinner Club can transform your weeknight dinner routine, too...

You don’t have to take my word for it: 

Think about how your weekend will feel when your dinners are already planned for the week and waiting for you in your email...

The beauty of the WDC is that you get to spend your weekends doing the things you love, instead of scrolling pinterest, trying to find recipes that will work for your family, then choosing sides, and finally, making your grocery list.

Join today so that you will...

6 Reasons You'll Love the Weeknight Dinner Club:

  • We use the ‘cook once, eat twice‘ method each week, so that you can spend LESS time cooking and MORE time doing things you love. It’s a must for busy sports or activity nights! 
  • The meals feature a variety of ingredients, proteins, and vegetables each week, so they are nutritionally balanced and full of flavor so you can feel good about nourishing your family. 
  • The dinners are balanced and complete dinners, so that you don’t have to go searching for side dishes, which will save you time and last-minute scrambling to try and find a veggie. 
  • Seasonal recipes are rotated (no heavy casseroles in the summer!), so you’re making the most of produce while it’s at its peak. 
  • The meal plans are designed for families, so you don’t have to cook multiple meals every night and I’ll help you get to one family meal.  
  • We don’t use fancy or expensive ingredients, so that you can shop anywhere and you will save you money each tine you go to the grocery store with a plan. 

Meet Emily:

Meals are an important part of our days, and often times stressful times of our days, too!

I pursued a career in Nutrition so that I could share my passion for real (but not perfect) food, and inspire families like yours to cook and eat together without the stress that normally comes with weeknight dinners. It’s an honor to join you at your table!

I started the Weeknight Dinner Club because I had to drastically shift my approach to dinners after having kids. I wanted to have family meals, but struggled to make it happen because I was spending too much time cooking, which I simply didn’t have. The cook once, eat twice method and utilizing smart shortcuts allows me to get family dinners on the table in record time and I want to help YOU do the same. 

Cancel at anytime, Satisfaction guaranteed! I’m so confident that the Weeknight Dinner Club will change your life that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days if it’s not right for you and your family. Membership can be paused or cancelled at anytime.