Full English  Breakfast

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Full English Breakfast Recipe


Let’s make a full English Breakfast! This hearty spread, also called a British breakfast or a fry up, consists of a filling meal made of breakfast staples. It’s delicious, savory, super-filling and relatively easy to pull together.


– 8 slices thick-cut bacon – 15 oz. can of Heinz beans in tomato sauce – 2 Tbsp. butter, divided – 8 oz. sliced white mushrooms (baby bella) – 8 oz. breakfast sausage (about 12 links) – 4 small or roma tomatoes, sliced in half – 4 eggs – 4 slices toast

How to Make a Full English Breakfast

Cook mushrooms


Prep first bacon and beans. Cook bacon until crispy and heat beans on stove top. Cook mushrooms. Melt butter in large non-stick skillet and add mushrooms. Cook until golden brown and tender. Keep warm in microwave or oven.

Cook sausages

Cook according to package instructions and transfer to a plate. Keep warm in microwave or oven.


Cook eggs

Cook eggs in a large non-stick skillet and cook according to preferences. Sunny-side up and scrambled both work well. Season with salt and black pepper.


Cook tomatoes


Sprinkle cut sides of tomatoes with salt and cook, cut side down, until softened and lightly charred. Meanwhile, toast bread and start taking everything to the breakfast table.