Easy Costco Cheese Platter – $50 or $100 Options

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Easy Costco Cheese Platter – $50 or $100 Options


This DIY Costco cheese platter makes entertaining easy. Serve up a Costco cheese board (aka Costco charcuterie board!) with a variety of cheeses, meats, fresh foods, crackers, and nuts for the ultimate snack board.

What to Put on a Costco Charcuterie Board

– Cheese – Meats – Crackers – Fresh Fruits & Veggies – Nuts

How to Make a Easy Costco Cheese Platter



Start with cheese and or any bowls of olives, etc. Space them throughout the cheese platter. (PRO TIP: Cut a little of the cheese so that it’s inviting for people to start eating!)


Next add the meats. I like to keep them close to the cheeses. If you’re using a variety, be sure to put a little section of each meat by each cheese, so that you’ve got a few different meat sections



Fan out crackers like water crackers and place any oddly shaped crackers (like the breadsticks) in a small bowl or glass. (


Fresh components

Now we’re going to add the fruit and/or vegetable. You want people to be able to pick up one piece and eat it easily, so cut cucumbers into rounds on a bias; cut grapes into little clumps of 2-3; and slice any pears or apples.