Dinner-Worthy Snack Board

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Dinner-Worthy Snack Board


Yes, we’re turning a snack plate into dinner! And why not? It’s quick and easy (ready in less than 10 minutes); balanced (with a variety of foods); and requires NO cooking (perfect for casual meals and outdoor picnics). Pull together a variety of ingredients and arrange on your snack board.

What You’ll Love About a Snack Charcuterie Board for Dinner

– Dinner is ready in 5-10 minutes – Everyone loves a snack plate dinner – Easy to put out plenty of options so everyone is happy – No cooking required – Great way to use up leftovers or smaller amounts of food

How to Make a Dinner-Worthy Snack Board

Deli meat & Cheese


Use whatever deli meat you prefer – turkey, ham, roast beef, salami. You could also use leftover cooked pieces of meat or even chicken tenders. Use your favorite cheese – we’ll cut up block cheese or use cheese sticks depending on what we have.

Fruits & Veggies

Use whatever is in-season and delicious. Oranges, clementines, apple slices, and grapes are all good options. I aim to include two or three veggies with a focus on minimal prep veggies.



Use at least one dip, maybe two if you have them. I typically will include hummus and ranch as we typically have those and lemon feta dip (recipe on the blog)


Carbs & Nuts


Crackers and popcorn are staples for us, but you could also use breadsticks, little pb&j sandwiches, mini avocado toasts, cookies, etc. Nuts are an easy addition and a great way to provide another protein/fat/fiber-rich food on the snack plate.