Breakfast Charcuterie Board

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Breakfast Charcuterie Board


This breakfast charcuterie board is sure to infuse some FUN into breakfast. And it’s the best way to serve an informal brunch or breakfast for a party or a crowd of guests.


– baguette – mini chocolate chip muffins (or mini blueberry muffins) – mini croissants – mini cinnamon rolls – mini scones – crackers Cheese and Things – brie – cheddar cheese cubes – goat cheese – flavored goat cheese Fresh produce – fresh berries – grapes – pear or apple slices – melon if in-season – cucumber slices – grape tomatoes

How to Make Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Gather items to be used.


As with any cheeseboard or breakfast graze board, you’ll want a variety of items.

 Add cheese and meats to board

Place cheeses and anything in dishes or small bowls on board or tray first. Space out evenly. Add meat or smoked salmon near cheeses.


Add your crackers and dippers

Add bread and crackers next to cheeses. Finish with fresh produce and any other items. If you have open space that needs filling, fill with nuts like almonds, walnuts, or cashews


TIP: Think about how you’ll want to eat the items and group them near each other (ie. cheese and crackers).