57 of the Best Ricotta Toast Topping Ideas

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57 of the Best Ricotta Toast Topping Ideas


You’ll love this list of creative and interesting ricotta toast ideas! Ricotta on toast is not only a nutritious and balanced breakfast, but it’s also endlessly customizable!

What You’ll Love About Ricotta on Toast

– Nutritious and satisfying meal – Great any time of day – Quick and easy prep – So many possibilities for toppings – Made with simple ingredients

Best Ricotta Toast Topping Ideas

Fruit Toppings


You can use fresh fruit, frozen (and thawed) fruit, dried fruit, and preserved fruit. SO many options and the combination of creamy ricotta cheese plus sweet fruit tastes like a sweet treat.

Veggie Toppings

I love adding veggies into meals in a delicious and easy way. There are great options to add some color, crunch, flavor, and nutrients.


Sweet Toppings

Add a layer of sweet flavor to your ricotta on toast and you have a sweet and satisfying treat, meal, or even dessert.


Proteins + Flavor

Want to add some more staying power to your meal? Some toast toppings to add in some protein are hummus, peanut butter and smoked salmon.