5-Minute Breakfast Board For Kids

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5-Minute Breakfast Board for Kids


There’s something about taking the components and putting them out in a beautiful spread that really adds a special and fun touch to the meal and also puts kids in charge, which can help them eat new and different foods.


– Jones Dairy Farm All Natural Golden Brown Mild Pork Sausage – mini pancakes and syrup – fresh fruit – milk

You can make this breakfast board as complex or as simple as you like, but I designed this one to work for weekday mornings, so I kept it simple, using:

How to Make 5-Minute Breakfast Boards

Cook sausage


Pan frying the sausage tastes best, but we also microwave them frequently. If the sausage are thawed, you can pan fry them in 5 minutes while you get everything else prepped.

Prep other components

Cook mini pancakes and wash and cut any fruit.


Assemble boards

Place the components out on a board or small sheet pan.


More Breakfast Board Ideas

Protein – Try some of the other Jones Dairy Farm sausages like chicken or turkey links, hard boiled eggs, and Greek yogurt are good protein sources. Carb – Try mini blueberry muffins, apple oat bars, or small pieces of toast.