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Trader Joe’s Acai Bowl

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If you’ve seen the Trader Joe’s acai bowl and have questions…I’ve got answers! I’m here to share all of the details, my full review, and what I think it’s missing. If you’d rather make your own, I’ve got all the info on how to make a homemade acai bowl.

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Trader Joe's acai bowl with packaging.

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Trader Joe's acai bowl with toppings.

Trader Joe’s Acai Bowl Review

Here are my thoughts on the frozen acai bowl from Trader Joe’s:

  • PROS: Easy to make, convenient, nutritious ingredients, delicious flavor, great source of fiber, naturally gluten-free and vegan
  • CONS: Not filling enough for a meal, plastic container, price (considering you would need to add something to it to make it a meal)
Acai bowl from Trader Joe's with banana.


See the image below, that has the ingredient list right from the package:

Packaging of Trader Joe's acai bowl nutrition.

Trader Joe’s Acai Bowl Nutrition

As I mentioned, I have an issue with the nutrition. Not really, unless you’re trying to tell me that it’s a breakfast. 🙂 If you want it as a meal, you’ll need to ADD something to it. A scoop of peanut butter or nut butter is a great choice, or you could serve it as part of a meal with some toast and hard boiled eggs or breakfast sausage.

It’s a little low in protein for a meal, so if you want this to be a meal, add some protein with the ideas below.

Packaging of Trader Joe's acai nutrition.

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