Let me help!

Go from "My kids won't eat that" to "they'll eat anything" in no time flat. This is the best and simplest way to teach kids to become adventurous eaters.

Look, family meals can be tough. I totally get it. When I was a new mom trying to juggle work, a commute, day care pick-up, AND family dinner, I felt like a total failure because what had been working  wasn’t working anymore. 

I remember the days when I was pregnant and I swore I was going to feed my kids flavorful foods and not “kid” foods. I swore off chicken nuggets and mac and cheese…But, there I was years later microwaving meals from Trader Joe’s for my toddler and eating frozen pizza with my husband after she went to bed. 

Looking back, I can see that my approach was setting me up for failure. 

So if you’re feeling that immense mom guilt for feeding your kids chicken nuggets on repeat because it’s the only thing they’ll eat, know that you aren’t alone.

But if you’re anything like me, you know you want your kids to eat a variety of foods, try new foods effortlessly, and of course, eat their veggies!

And you can. Follow this step-by-step method to get your kids to become adventurous eaters…and you’ll be hearing “oh you’re so lucky your kids eat that” in no time flat. 

The best part is…I’ve set up the Fastest Way to One Family Meal program to help you go from stressed out dinners to enjoyable ones – and you can learn it in less than an hour. 

If you’re anything like the parents I’ve worked with, you’ve enviously uttered the phrase, “Oh you’re so lucky she eats anything!” and thought...I wish my kids weren't so picky.

Imagine what it will feel like to enjoy dinner...and have the battles be a memory of the past. You’ll never have to say again, “My kids won’t eat that.”​

The best is not only has this worked for me, but it’s worked for the families I’ve worked with as well. And I know you can do it, too! Trust me when I say, this will pay-off BIG time and family dinners will no longer be a source of stress and tears.  

If you commit to going through The Fastest Way to One Family Meal program and you show up…dinner after dinner… then you’ll see the results.  

Imagine what it will feel like to enjoy dinner…and have the battles be a memory of the past.  You’ll never have to say again, “My kids won’t eat that.”

I know you’ve got a ton on your plate so I’m here to give you the step by step blueprint to raise adventurous veggie-loving eaters…and the best part…it will take less than one hour of your time!

What you'll get inside the Fastest Way to One Family Meal program:

It's not too late to transition to one family meal! But, it's not a quick-fix, one-time change, either. It can be difficult to try to figure it out on your own. Show up now, so that this becomes habit and you don't have to do it in the future and you'll never have to bribe or beg your kids to eat their dinner again!
Emily Dingmann
Nutritionist + Mom