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Taste the World: 10 Cultures That Define Food Excellence

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Hearts can be won easily by way of the stomach. Nothing proves this point better than the success of cultures that dedicated their culinary creativity to designing the most impeccable cuisines. An online community shares their top ten picks from across the world.

1. Turkey

Woman traveler in turkey

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Forget kebabs, Turkish food offers much more than one can imagine, from vegetarian delicacies such as shakshuka, piyaz salad, kisir, and mercimek kofte to meaty delights like Iskender and cag kebabs. Let’s not forget the incredible sweetness of baklava and lokum, also known as Turkish Delight.

2. Japan

Kyoto, Japan

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Authentic sushi tasting is only experienced in Japan. The Americanized versions, such as California rolls, don’t even come close to the real thing. Many members wish to travel to Japan to indulge in the promising cuisine. One person is particularly intrigued by Japanese street food options such as barbecue eel.

3. Korea

Seoul, South Korea

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Dishes such as gimbap/kimbap and bibimbap have made their way into many people’s tummies across the globe. One commenter shares the unbeatable experience of authentic Korean meals with various main dishes and sides. They enjoyed delicacies such as braised meat, cold noodles, kimchi, and soup!

4. Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand 

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Many believe that some of the best food they’ve encountered is actually of Thai origin. One person had Tom Yum with smoked catfish that was so good they “almost died.” Many are fascinated by the standard of Thai food on all levels. “I get it now; it’s nothing like the greasy, low-quality stuff you find in the West.”

5. Palestine

Gaza, Palestine

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Palestinian food is a splendid choice for those who enjoy Middle Eastern and Arabian cuisines. Hummus, falafel, tabbouleh, and kubbeh are some commonly cited Palestinian delicacies. Let’s not forget the stuffed grape leaves! The cuisine is marked by its sauces and dips, such as za’atar, and breads like taboon and ka’ak.

6. Mexico

Tijuana, Mexico

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Nothing beats authentic comida mexicana! The vastness of Mexican cuisine is understated and goes beyond the world of tacos, tamales, quesadillas, and burritos. Delicious stews like Pozole, menudo, and Cochinita Pibil are just one small peak into the domain of diverse Mexican dishes.

7. Italy


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It blows many users away when they think about Americanized Italian food. It’s only after having the real deal that people realize what they’ve been missing. The food is “amazingly simple” and “consistently great.” Even the authentic pizza with minimal cheese that one member had was excellent.

8. India

Udaipur, India

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Nothing screams flavor like Indian cuisine. We’re talking samosas, chutney, curry, butter chicken, and much more. The wondrous land has a range of dishes, from milder southern varieties like dosa to northern bursts of spice found in kadhai. The cuisine doesn’t disappoint when it comes to snacking, either. I mean, just look at the wondrous pani puri.

9. Iran

Tehran, Iran

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Middle Eastern food is incomplete without the rich and flavorful Persian delights. The Persian-style steamed rice is a staple served with most meats and vegetables. Many dishes have northern and southern variants, like Indian cuisine. For instance, Baghali Polo is served with fish in coastal regions, while northern variants use lamb shanks.

10. Ethiopia and Eritrea

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia 

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While Eritrea and Ethiopia have historically strained relations, the two unite many people across the globe with their cuisine. The dishes generally contain vegetables and spicy meat in wat, a thick stew served on top of a large sourdough flatbread called injera.

Source: Reddit.

AUTHOR: Saad Muzaffar

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