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Meal Prep Made Effortless: Equip Your Kitchen With These 10 Time-Saving Gadgets

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Kitchen gadgets have changed the game! We no longer have to rely on manual strength to get things done. We can kick back and use the best equipment to handle it all. Members of an online platform suggest equipping your kitchen with these gadgets if you want to save time.

1. Food Processor

Food Processor

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This essential kitchen tool will save you a whole lot of time. You’ll no longer worry about long preps! A food processor makes work easier by tackling kneading, dicing, shredding, and slicing, allowing for quicker food preparation. A home cook says, “My food processor is a lifesaver! It makes everything convenient.”

2. Slap Chop

Manual chopper

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A slap chop is a manual chopper machine that chops up ingredients like onions, tomatoes, and garlic. It has sharp blades and an insert holder that holds everything you chop. With it, you won’t have teary eyes to contend with when chopping onions or feel any discomfort.

3. Blender

Woman using blender

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“All I do is blend, blend, blend,” says an online user, “Thank God for my blender.” What a handy tool a blender is! It’s a tiny but mighty and diverse tool. It allows for creaming smoothies, making baby food, bread crumbs, salsas, and so much more.

4. Air Fryer

Ninja Air Fryers

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An air fryer is a countertop cooking appliance that cooks using hot air. It produces foods that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It is a healthier option than a deep fryer, resulting in minimal inflammation and fewer calories in a meal. As such, it decreases the potency of chronic diseases down the line.

5. Electric Can Opener

Electric Can Opener

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Opening a can has always been a headache, but not anymore! Place your can on the can opener and wait a few seconds, then voila! It’s open! The can opener is sleek in design and accommodates even the heaviest cans you can find.

6. Spice Measure Carousel

Measuring Cups

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It takes a simple press of a button for a spice-measure carousel to dispense the exact amount of spice you’re food will need. Not too much and not too little; the perfect amount! With it, it’s easy to eliminate measurement mishaps. A second online user agrees and says, “My spice measure carousel has never missed!”

7. Mini-Crumb Vacuum Cleaner

Mini Crumb Vacuum Cleaner

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Say goodbye to crumbs with a mini-crumb vacuum cleaner. It cleans crumbs and doubles as a cleaning agent for hair or debris on any surface. You can get into your kitchen’s nooks and crannies easily!

8. Multicooker


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A multicooker is an electrical appliance that lets you cook in various ways. It allows pressure and slow cooking, yogurt making, baking, and sauteing. It is convenient and offers a hassle-free cooking experience.

9. Herb Scissor Set

Herb scissor

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Spices and herbs are not restricted, and you can use any type of scissors to prune them. But herb scissors are designed for herbs that quickly get stuck between blades. It works well for pruning herbs like fennel and oregano.

10. Egg Separator

Egg Separator

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This hand tool offers control over your whites and yolks. You no longer have to use your fingers as it makes separating eggs as easy as reciting the alphabet. Plus, it’s an easy clean-up, too.

Source: Reddit

AUTHOR: Louisa Eunice

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