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kale & eggs

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Most of the time, I like to think that my cooking style is simple with a touch of elegance. (Never underestimate the power of 2 drops of truffle oil) While I love some of the “fancy” ingredients that I may use from time to time, I really have an appreciation for simple food. Quality food doesn’t need much, which is certainly the case in this meal.

The last few times I’ve visited my parents, I’ve come home with grocery bags full of kale – fresh from my Dad’s garden. The first time, the Taster and I ate almost the entire bag in one sitting – by simply sauteing it with some olive oil and salt. I received another bag last weekend and once again wanted nothing more than sautéed kale. Topping it with an egg upgrades this from side dish to main dish status and in my opinion, gives it that elegant edge.

Kale & Eggs – 1 serving

  • Fresh kale (I used about 8 cups)
  • Organic Egg

Clean kale and remove thick stem. Cut into about 2″ squares. Heat a large pan over medium heat. Spray with cooking spray. Add kale to pan and cook, stirring occasionally, for about 4-5 minutes.

Meanwhile heat small pan over medium-low heat. Spray with cooking spray and crack egg into pan. Cover with lid and cook for about 3 minutes, until whites are set. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve egg over kale.

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  1. Mo@MommyRD

    I may have to try this today. I only have about 2-3 cups of fresh kale left after making kale salad, but that’s perfect for a side dish portion. Great idea and I LOVE how you make simple so elegant!

  2. catherine (FOOD SNOB)

    Yum! If you ever come into more mass quantities of kale, apartment therapy has an AMAZING kale salad with a peanut dressing . . . I can eat gallons of that salad! I’ll send you the link if you’re interested!

  3. erica

    You know I don’t cook with Kale too much nor truffle oil, but I have been meaning to get some truffle oil in order to actually use it. I love your simple recipes!

  4. Lori

    So jealous of your fresh kale. Mine came up this fall, but a group of hungry caterpillars decided they were hungry for it. I need to buy some, we haven’t had it in a while. It sounds great with the eggs!

  5. healthy mamma

    Umm, yum! I love Kale!! I’m so excited I found your blog, I just signed up to follow you! yay! I look forward to sharing and hope I hear from you too, I think we might have some things in common… nutritionally speaking. 😉