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I Tried the Viral TikTok Pepper Salad So You Don’t Have To…

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…But you’re going to want to make yourself a batch asap. A new viral food trend started showing up on TikTok and Instagram feeds earlier this spring and it’s really the salad that keeps going on because I’m still seeing it week after week and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. And for good reason! It’s easy to make, made with simple ingredients, super crunchy, and loaded with flavor, and tons of ways to switch it up.

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Original Recipe

This simple salad first appeared on the page of Rachael Kirkconnell, who you’ve probably never heard of unless you watch The Bachelor. She was the winner of Season 25 and has a large following on social media channels where she shares videos about her life and sometimes what she eats. 


mouth is watering watching this back

♬ original sound – rachael

Ingredients You’ll Need

This salad is made with just 5 simple ingredients:

  • Sweet mini peppers – Use a variety of colors for best flavor and presentation
  • Persian cucumbers – Small cucumbers work well and are easiest to chop. You could also use an English cucumber, just remove seeds and slice in half moon shapes. If you use a regular cucumber, be sure to peel and remove seeds before chopping. 
  • Ginger miso dressing – Don’t skip the dressing! Any sweet sesame ginger dressing will work, but you do really need it to balance out the spice of the chili oil crunch. I tried it without the dressing first and it was a bit too spicy! 
  • Chili oil crunch – You can find this condiment from Trader Joe’s or look for the Momofuku brand at your local store. 
  • Everything bagel seasoning – This adds a nice crunch and finishing flavor to the salad. 
Photo credit: My Everyday Table.

How to Make

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, thinly slice your veggies. Rachael uses a mandoline slicer to get thin and uniform slices, but you can also thinly slice with a knife. Toss veggies with dressing, chili oil, and everything bagel seasoning. Eat immediately or store in the fridge to let flavors meld a bit.

Photo credit: My Everyday Table.

Other Additions

Here in this follow-up video, Rachael adds shredded carrots to the mix:


she added carrots!

♬ original sound – rachael
Photo Credit: My Everyday Table.

What to Serve with Pepper Salad

Rice and salmon seem to be a popular way to turn this salad into a full meal and I can say with full certainty that I know that would be a delicious combo. You could also serve with grilled chicken, air fryer tofu bites, or salmon stir fry.

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