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How to Make Toast in Air Fryer

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Wondering how to toast bread in air fryer? It’s quick and easy and I’ve done the testing for you so you know exactly how long to be toasting bread in the air fryer. But toast toppings are where things really get fun and I’m sharing 16 ideas below.

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Slice of air fryer toast with avocado and radish.

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Can you make toast in an air fryer?

Yes! You can make toast in an air fryer and this air fry toast recipe is fast and easy and totally hands-off.

What You’ll Love About Toasting Bread in Air Fryer

  • Quick – less than 5 minutes total time
  • Can toast multiple slices at the same time
  • Convenient if you keep your air fryer on the counter
  • Everything in the air fryer is more fun, right?
Slice of toast with avocado and radish.

Air Fryer Toast Topping Ideas

So the typical ingredient section may not be necessary, but I do have plenty of toast topping ideas to share!

How to Toast Bread in Air Fryer

The instructions are minimal for making toast in air fryer:

  • Place slice of bread in air fryer basket in a single layer and air fry until it reaches your desired level of toasti-ness! (I made that word up.)
Slice of toast in air fryer basket.

TIP: You can flip over half way for a more even browning, but even without flipping, both sides with get crisp, but the top side will get darker.

How Long to Toast Bread in Air Fryer

You’ll just need to decide how dark and crunchy you want your toast. Now of course the cooking time will vary a bit depending on your exact air fryer oven, but check out the reference sheet below to get a good starting point.

Graphic showing how long to air fry toast.

What type of bread can I toast in the air fryer?

Virtually any bread you like! Choose your favorite and just know that a lighter, airier bread (like white bread) will toast a little faster than a dense, thicker bread.

Sourdough bread is a favorite at our house, but you can use whole grain bread, whole wheat bread, seeded bread, artisan breads, white bread, your favorite gluten-free bread or even Texas toast!

Slice of toast with bites out of it.

Storage Instructions

Toast is best served immediately.

How to reheat

If you need to refresh your toast (before you have toppings on it), cook for 1 minute at 400 degrees F.

Avocado toast on a plate.

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Slice of air fryer toast with avocado and radish.

How to Make Toast in Air Fryer

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Wondering how to make toast in air fryer? It’s QUICK and EASY! Check my reference photo to see how long to cook your toast.


  • bread
  • toast toppings


  1. Air fry bread at 400 degrees F for 2-5 minutes, depending on how crunchy you want it. (See reference photo above.)
  2. Top your toast as desired. (Peanut butter toast ideas or avocado toast topping ideas are recommended!)


  • See reference photo above for a visual on how done the toast will be. 
  • Exact cooking time will vary air fryer to air fryer.

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