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Healthy Eating for Kids: FAQs

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I get a TON of questions from parents like you who are trying to navigate the best way to feed their kids, how to make sure their kids eat their veggies, and how to handle meal time drama.

Welcome to my FAQ page! If you’ve got a question you would like me to cover, please leave a comment below!

All of my articles on feeding kids can be found here and if you want a FULL list of all of the videos I have with hacks, tips, scripts, and ideas for feeding kids, check out my instagram or tiktok page.

What if they don’t eat their dinner and then they are hungry later?

Whenever I talk about the division of responsibility, I get this question. You’ll need to decide what’s right for you. Because this doesn’t happen on a regular, daily basis at our house, I’ll often give them a snack before bed if they are hungry. BUT, it’s usually something with some nutrition like a cheese stick or some fruit/veggies. If you have snacks like crackers or cookies, they may not want to eat their dinner…so they can have their snacks!

What if they only eat one thing off their plate?


Answer to @florentinadavis85 do you have this fear too? (It’s common!) #feedingkids #momtok #parentinghack101 #learnontiktiok #healthyfamily

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Do you give them more of something?


Reply to @kel0813 when we trust our kids to listen to their bodies… #feedingkids #momlife #healthylifestyle #healthyfamily #familydinner

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What if they don’t eat anything?

What about the “one bite” rule?

You can see what I think about the “one bite” rule:


Why I don’t think one-bite rules help kids become healthy eaters. #healthyfamily #feedingkids #healthyfood #healthtipseveryday #momtok

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How do I teach my child healthy eating habits? 

Teach your child healthy eating habits by modeling them! Eat dinners as a family (if possible!) and eat the same meal (one family meal!). Eat meals that are full of flavors and colors. Have set meal times so that kids aren’t grazing all day. Show them what a healthy relationship to food looks like.

How do you explain healthy eating to a child? 
This answer may surprise you, but we don’t actually talk a lot about “healthy eating” at our house. We don’t label food as good or bad – it’s all food! We talk a lot about food: how it tastes, what it looks like, how we cook it, where it comes from.

How to feed your child healthy food? 
Feed your child healthy food. Wait, is that enough of an answer? Serve balanced, nutritious meals to your family…and then let them decide what they eat. Serve nutritious food that tastes delicious. And expose them to the flavors over and over and over again. At first they may throw it off their plate. Then they may touch it. Then they may taste it. Then they may eat it. Sometimes it takes a while and a lot of exposures.


Here’s why I serve things to my family, even if they may not eat it! #momtok #feedingkids #parentsoftiktok #healthyfamily #familydinner

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Three ways to get your kids to eat better that have nothing to do with the food!

What if they only eat dessert?

Started serving dessert with dinner? Then you may have this question!

The one thing you should never say to your kids!

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