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Last week, when I shared my favorite 1-minute snack ideas with you all, I got a request for breakfast ideas.

I used to be the person who could eat toast and peanut butter or oatmeal and peanut butter for days on end, but now I’ve noticed that I need a little more variety in the morning.


(source) FYI: this is NOT what breakfasts look like in our home. 🙂

Here are my favorite healthy breakfast ideas to give you some inspiration for your morning meal – please add yours to the list!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 

  • breakfast quesadilla or burrito: tortilla + eggs + veggies + cheese + salsa
  • protein pancakes (recipe from meals & moves)
  • breakfast sandwich: egg + english muffin + cheese
  • smoothie: frozen fruits + leafy greens + milk + protein blended together until smooth
  • (fun!) oatmeal (tips on oatmeal and recipe ideas)
  • protein plate: hard boiled egg + banana + peanut butter
  • rush breakfast: protein/granola bar + apple
  • paleo inspired cereal: fresh berries + chopped nuts + milk
  • eggs: 1-2 eggs + toast
  • greek yogurt parfait: 1 serving greek yogurt + fresh fruit + 1 serving cereal or granola
  • amped up cereal: high fiber cereal + fresh fruit + 1 Tbsp nuts  or nut butter + milk
  • macrobiotic breakfast: brown rice + miso soup

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  1. G

    I don’t really have time to cook in the morning, so I have been having a toaster waffle and protein shake on my morning drive, but I am constantly searching for breakfast ideas! So far my favorite suggestion has been scrambled eggs in a whole wheat pita pocket (for portability)

  2. Ty

    I like whole wheat pasta with veggies and marinara for breakfast. Also brown rice stir-fried with veggies and an egg. Vegetarian chili as well.

    I’m trying to keep my meals mostly plant based but I haaateeeee tofu. It makes me ill.

    And breakfast has never been my favorite meal so I like eating more on the savory side!

    • Emily

      Ha! I think you might be the only person who has one…can’t wait to hear about it though. I think you should make corn dogs – they always look good in the infomercials!

  3. amy

    Awesome, thank you so much for answering my request, you are AWESOME! I really appreciate the great ideas, I’ll definitely be sticking some of these into my menu. I actually just discovered protein pancakes and have been making them on days that I workout, I loooove them!