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gift ideas for moms like me

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Note: this post contains some affiliate links! 

Gift ideas for moms like me. Which basically means two things. I have gift ideas for the moms like me – and for the kids like mine! You know the ones. Moms who want their family to eat well, without being too crazy. Kids who like to live that slightly hippy lifestyle. (Does organic onsies qualify you as a hippy?! I don’t know, but let’s just go with it.)

You may be wondering why there items for mom and items for kids on the same list? Because it seems like the minute you become a mom, you start wanting gifts that are actually for your kids…who allowed this to happen? Spoil the kids, spoil the moms! It’s going to be my 2017 Christmas campaign slogan.

And if you’re a mom like me (which is why I think you’re here!) you must be an amazon prime mom. Because I love shopping – and even more so when it’s happening right from my couch. You do too, right?

Gift list for moms like me! Click here for 9 gift ideas! #giftideas #giftideasforwomen #giftideasformoms

So this holiday season, let’s spoil the moms AND the kids. The items below are either things that I already have and love…and a few that I really want. Let’s get to them!

Gift Ideas for Moms

Gift list for moms like me! Click here for 9 gift ideas! #giftideas #giftideasforwomen #giftideasformoms

Gifts for the Kitchen

Maldon Salt: If you like food, this NEEDS to be in your kitchen. Maldon is used as a finishing salt, which means you still season with regular sea salt (I usually under-season a bit during the cooking process) and then you can salt your dish to taste. This is the type of product that once you try it you can’t live with out it – as in, I carry a little tin of it around with me at all times. It seems expensive, but each box lasts about four months!

Instant Pot: You knew this was coming, right? The IP is the IT gift, once again and for good reason. The more I use mine, the more I love it! Perfect beans, stewed meat in minutes – it makes dinner easy and fast and just about everyone can use that.

Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags: I’ve been using these for almost a year now, and I love them. I’m always looking for ways to reduce waste in our home, and these bags make it easy. They clean up easily and save a lot of plastic from landfills. Score!

Meal or Food Delivery Service: There are so many great ones out there to make life a little easier! It’s definitely a treat when you don’t have to think about or make your own dinner. Blue Apron, One Potato, Milk & Eggs (code ’emily’ for $15 off!), Munchery, and Moink are some of my favorites.

Gifts to Pamper

Essential Oil Diffuser: Yup, I’m into essential oils and I use them daily. I use them diffused and diluted. It’s so fun! And very wooooooo, but whatever.  This diffuser runs most of the day at our house and is so reasonable, too.

Clarisonic Cleansing Brush: I’ve used mine daily prior to Demi entering our lives. (Which now is almost hard to remember?!) My hope is that it makes me look wide-awake and glowing! 😉

Kate Spade Studs: Why do I not own these yet? I’ve literally wanted them for years and they are not even expensive. If they do not appear under the tree, you know right where they are going… 

Gifts for the Family (aka, not ourselves)

One Line a Day Memory Book: I couldn’t decide what category this gift should fit into, but I love it so much that I needed to include it somewhere! I have almost finished up five years (yes, FIVE!) in this journal that requires a few sentences a day. No, I don’t fill out each page, but it is so fun to look back and see what we were doing in 2013, before kids! And it’s quite amazing what a sentence or two will do: the days come rushing back to you. This is also important to me because I have utterly FAILED at keeping baby books and I make myself feel better about that fact, knowing that I’m writing some pieces of our life down!

Veggie Buds Club: This monthly subscription combines parenting and produce in such a fun way! Each month they focus on one vegetable with hands-on activities for the kids. It’s great if you are looking for activities for the kids, and ways to get them excited about vegetables!

Avanchy Bamboo Tableware: You should know by now that we looooove these plates and bowls. They are a standard at our table. High quality, and obviously they look nice. (They just launched a black color and I’m SOOO obsessed!) Also, they are running huge black friday sales.

Burt’s Bees Organic Onsies: We have these in grey, white, pink and more! They are the softest, stretchiest, and comfiest onsies I’ve found and they fit forever. I also love their burp clothes, sheets, blankets, and toddler clothes. Basically anything they make. It looks like they have some great sales going on too!

Charity: I think it’s important to instill a tradition of charity in young kids, and this is the year we’ll start with Demi. Find an organization that’s important and meaningful to you, mine is obviously food-related.

PS. Do you purchase, wrap, and put your own presents under the tree? Asking for a friend…



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