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Menu Plans by My Everyday Table

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Weeknight dinners don’t have to be a source of stress and overwhelm.

There are three major issues when it comes to weeknight dinners. 

Having a plan, time, and one family meal.

Dinner chaos happens when one of these pieces is missing.

There has to be a better way.

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And menu plans by My Everyday Table can help.

Here’s what you’ll love about outsourcing your dinners.

> Stress Free. No more scrambling at 5pm trying to figure out what to make for dinner, your meals are planned. 

> Save time. The planning is done and the meals are quick! (Most are 30 min or less) 

> Save money. When you go to the store with a plan, you only buy the ingredients you need. 

> Less food waste. When you have a plan, the food you buy will actually be used!

> Nutritious + balanced meals. 

> No more boring meals. It’s easy to get out of your recipe rut and eat a variety of foods and flavors. 

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“Hey Emily! I just want to say THANK YOU for returning my sanity. I spent way too much time meal planning every weekend with about 75% of the recipes being a bust. I feel like a weight has been lifted now that I have the planning already done for me.”

 – Stephanie


“We were stuck in a rut of the same old meals over and over and this got us out of that. The meals are easy to prepare, don’t require tons of weird ingredients (though you throw a few in here and there which I like!) and don’t require every dish in the kitchen like some of the meal kits do.”

 – Angela


“I love it!  It’s taken tons of time off of figuring out wtf is for dinner, has simple and great tasting recipes with variety and fresh seasonal ingredients.

We’ve loved almost every recipe and it’s easy to modify by substituting one ingredient if there’s something one person in your family can’t have or doesn’t care for. Thank you Emily!” 

 – Jeffery

You'll get new recipes each week, so you can outsource your dinner decisions.

I know what it’s like to get into the habit of takeout or frozen meals. 

And while it was ok for a while, I realized I couldn’t live on Chipotle alone and I needed to shift how I was handling dinner. 

You’ll save time on planning and cooking, save money at the store, and feel good about meal time.  

I want you to feel good about meal times.

✓ Save time, your meals are already planned.
✓Save money, you'll only buy the ingredients you need.
✓ Waste less food.
✓ Stop scrambling at 5pm, calm dinners are in your future!



Accessible Anywhere

Your recipes, meal plan, and shopping lists are accessible everywhere

The Prepear app works for iOS, Android, and you can access them from your computer



Customizable to fit your family’s size, taste preferences, and lifestyle


Make Grocery List in Seconds

Once you’ve finalized your plan, head to your grocery list, which will be automatically populated.

Add ingredients you need

Adjust for pantry items you always have

Take the list to the store and cross items off as you buy so you don’t forget anything



Print any recipe, meal plan, and grocery list.

Print from phone or computer

Put schedule on fridge so everyone knows what to expect (this can help picky kids!)

Print out recipe so whoever gets home first can start on dinner

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Cook Without Ads

No more scrolling ads while you’re cooking dinner.

Cook-mode allows you to see the ingredients and instructions without distractions.

Check off ingredients and steps while cooking, it’s a great feature for kids!


>>Hi, I'm Emily Dingmann

…and I help parents feel good about meal time.  

I’m a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and have degree in Nutrition. And my mission is to help parents feel confident feeding their families and help kids have a healthy relationship with food. 

Oh yeah, and I’m a working mom of two kids with strong opinions about food! 


Spend less time cooking with shortcuts
Eat a variety of foods and flavors
Dinners are balanced and complete
We use seasonal recipes
Designed for families
We don't use fancy expensive ingredients