• ...always knowing what's on the menu.
  • ...never rushing around at 5:30 trying to pull a meal together.
  • ...not needing another night of fast food.
  • ...not having to throw out food week after week because it never made it on the table.
  • ...spending your time doing things you WANT to be doing, not looking up recipes and making grocery lists.

Let me help!

I used to love spending an hour on dinner each night. It was relaxing, enjoyable, and so gourmet. Then I had kids!!! And you might be able to imagine what happened to those gourmet dinners…

You’ve heard of decision fatigue, right? Between work (whether outside or inside the home!), family life, fun, schedules, Dr. appointments, birthday parties, etc. It’s SO. HARD. to keep up with it at all. 

And super easy to fall into the habit of takeout or frozen pizzas. I know because I was there. We lived on Chipotle takeout and microwavable meals for a while, and then I realized that something had to change. The time I had each day wasn’t going to change.

So I shifted how I approached meals. 🙌

1. I maximize time in the kitchen with the cook once, eat twice method.

2. I started making meals that take less than 30 minutes to make.

These two “tricks” mean I’m able to make the family dinners that are so important to me! But the planning portion can still take a lot of time. 😫

Imagine not having to spend hours researching recipes, planning what to make, and making grocery lists. What would you do with that extra time AND extra brain space? 😊


what makes my easy + healthy meal plan different?

  • Easy! Dinners come together in 30 minutes or less! 💃
  • Cook Once, Eat Twice Method! Maximize your time in the kitchen by cooking one meal and turning it into something completely different later in the week! 🙌
  • Nutritious and delicious! Meals are planned by a nutritionist and are balanced, satisfying, and delicious!😊

each week i'll make your life easy by sending you:

easy meal plan
  • 5 balanced dinner recipes, including side dishes AND easy ways for your kids to get involved
  • A complete grocery list that includes everything you'll need for the week
  • 1 breakfast meal + recipe
  • 1 lunch meal + recipe
  • Healthy Kitchen Staples: a list of the foods you should be stocking in your healthy kitchen
  • Meal Plan Guide: tips and tricks to make life easy
  • All for just $24/month (less than $1/day!)


Easy, healthy, fresh meals that the whole family will love! We’ll have everything from panko crusted fish to chicken burrito bowls to naan bread pizzas. We focus on seasonal, wholesome foods but this is NOT a diet or weight loss plan.

You can look forward to everyday meals made from everyday ingredients.

I'm emily dingmann: Nutritionist + mom

Meals are an important time of our day. It’s how we spend time together as a family, it’s how we connect, and it’s how we nourish ourselves. I pursued a career in Nutrition so that I could share my passion for real food, and inspire families like yours to cook and eat together without the stress that normally comes along with planning dinner on busy weeknights. It's an honor to join you at your table!