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cottage cheese + hard-boiled egg toast

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Cottage Cheese Sandwich | anutritionisteats.com

Any other cottage cheese fans out there?

I have to admit that I typically keep my cottage cheese-consumption pretty typical. You know, plain. Or with chunks of cantaloupe. Or applesauce. (Which was probably one of my first foods, I ate that combo as a baby!)

Cottage Cheese Sandwich | anutritionisteats.com

But today, in light of a cottage cheese conversation, I decided to step out and try something a little different. So I gave toast a protein boost with a scoop of cottage cheese and a hard-boiled egg. It sounds a little weird, right? But it makes sense.

Cottage Cheese Sandwich | anutritionisteats.com

And it works. It turns out that you can’t really go wrong with a hearty slice of bread topped with creamy cottage cheese, hard-boiled egg and sliced tomato. (Don’t forget a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper to finish things off!) I had my whole family try it out and though everyone was skeptical at first, we all loved it. Or, try swapping out the egg slices for avocado for a protein-boosted twist on avocado toast!

Cottage Cheese Sandwich | anutritionisteats.com

Why do I like cottage cheese?

  • It’s high in protein (fun fact: a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese has more than double the protein of an egg!)
  • It’s low in sugar
  • It tastes good AND it’s satisfying

A serving of cottage cheese is a great addition to any meal, or perfect for a snack. Try it topped with fresh fruit or go the savory route with cucumber, chopped tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt & pepper. Find recipe ideas and ways to incorporate cottage cheese here.

And please, give this toast a chance!

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  1. Steven Le

    Hi Emily,

    I definitely want to give this toast a chance. Never actually realised that cottage cheese has so much protein in it which is great for me since I feel best on a high protein diet!

    This is a really random question, but what toast is that you’re eating? I’ve struggled to find a good brand of toast that is both healthy and tasty!


    • Emily

      Hi Steven, try it out!

      I switch up my toast…I keep sprouted bread around for everyday use and will also pick up artisan bread for more “special” bread.

  2. Rae

    I love cottage cheese. I was brought up with that and buttermilk. I will give this new recipe with a hard boiled egg a try. My favorite one is Fiber One brand…so creamy and has fiber.

  3. Amanda Paa

    this may be just what i need to try to get me to like cottage cheese. something about the texture, but i’m going to keep changing it up to hit on something right! i know its so good for you.

    • Emily

      Do you like it if it’s blended within a recipe? I saw some great-looking pancakes, quiches, etc. that used blended cottage cheese.

  4. Robin

    Hi I’m Robin. I grew up eating cottage cheese with LaChoy soy sauce in it. For me, it’s a real treat. Sometimes sliced tomato, basil, with a scoop of cottage cheese and a healthy dose of LaChoy (other brands just aren’t the same flavor for this). Anyone else?

    • Emily

      Hi Robin! I love that idea, I do love some savory cottage cheese and have heard of adding ranch powder to it, so why not soy!

  5. Jaci Clayton

    It sounds delicious to me. I love all three of them individually so combining them together makes sense.
    I think the drizzle of olive oil and some fresh tomato slices sounds good. Maybe a slash of lemon juice.
    I was just thinking about this combo and decided to google it and see if anyone else had the same idea!! ☺️
    Thank you!!!

    • Emily

      Hi Stacia, I’m sorry they aren’t showing up for you! I should probably take new photos as they are SO old and have been through a few websites, so that might be the problem!