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Cool Off with these Creative Iced Coffee and Tea Concoctions

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Spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner, making it the perfect time to pull out the best iced coffee and tea concoctions! That makes it the perfect time to bring out all of your favorite iced coffee and tea recipes, and to try out some new ones!

Espresso Tonic

Espresso Tonic
Photo Credit: My Everyday Table.

An espresso tonic might sound odd, but you’ll be hooked after the first sip! It combines rich and classic espresso with crisp tonic for a refreshing pick-me-up like no other. It’s popular for a reason!
Get the recipe: Espresso Tonic

Vanilla Bean Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Vanilla Bean Sweet Cream Cold Foam
Photo Credit: My Everyday Table.

This Starbucks copycat vanilla sweet cream cold foam is lightly sweetened and has real flecks of vanilla bean in it to take it over the top. Add it to your favorite iced coffee – it’s delicious on cold brew, iced coffee, or an iced latte.
Get the recipe: Vanilla Bean Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Iced Lavender Cream Matcha

Photo Credit: My Everyday Table.

You are going to love the subtle floral, earth, and sweet flavors of this delicious iced lavender cream matcha. Perfect for an afternoon pick me up, and the ultimate spring and summer drink. 
Get the recipe: Iced Lavender Cream Matcha

Starbucks Pink Drink Recipe with Cold Foam

Starbucks Pink Drink
Photo Credit: My Everyday Table.

Why spend a fortune at Starbucks when you can make this refreshing beverage at home in just a few minutes? This drink has it all with creamy, fruity, and sweet flavors, pretty to look at, and topped with a coconut vanilla cold foam topping. It’s loved by both kids and adults.
Get the recipe: Starbucks Pink Drink Recipe with Cold Foam

Iced Strawberry Latte

Iced Strawberry Latte
Photo Credit: Zona Cooks.

This Easy Iced Strawberry Latte Recipe has pretty layers of strong coffee, milk, and strawberry syrup served over ice cubes. This popular drink takes just 10 minutes to make and is super simple. It tastes like a treat!
Get the recipe: Iced Strawberry Latte

Vegan Vietnamese Coffee

Photo Credit: Full of Plants.

This iced coffee is prepared from condensed milk and robusta coffee for a perfectly sweet, creamy, and refreshing drink! The sweetened condensed milk gives it this traditional drink rich and creamy flavor. 
Get the recipe: Vegan Vietnamese Coffee

Orange Maple Frappuccino

Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

This orange maple frappuccino recipe could be your next favorite summer-time coffee drink! It might sound like an odd combination, but it works! You’ll need to brew your coffee (with some fun additions) ahead of time, so plan ahead for this interesting drink.
Get the recipe: Orange Maple Frappuccino

Cold Coffee

Photo Credit: Piping Pot Curry.

In the Indian subcontinent, cold coffee means foamy, creamy, milkshake-style cold coffee – not what might come to mind when you hear cold coffee! To prepare this creamy coffee at home, you’ll need basic ingredients like chilled milk, instant coffee powder, sugar, and water and it’s ready in less than 5 minutes.
Get the recipe: Cold Coffee

Whipped Coffee

Photo Credit: Always Use Butter.

You might remember Dalgona coffee being all the rage in the spring of 2020! Also known as beaten coffee, Dalgona is basically instant coffee mixed with sugar to a custard-like consistency, served over cold milk. But if you want more coffee flavor, or you prefer not to use instant coffee, you’ve got to give this a try.
Get the recipe: Whipped Coffee

Mexican Iced Coffee

Photo Credit: Thrift and Spice.

This easy Mexican iced coffee is a delicious, creamy and spiced with a Mexican cinnamon stick (canela). It’s easy to make with instant coffee and a few different milks for the extra creamy flavor and texture.
Get the recipe: Mexican Iced Coffee

Greek Freddo Cappuccino

Photo Credit: Homebody Eats.

This three ingredient espresso drink is a type of iced coffee from Greece. The refreshing coffee recipe is made with strong espresso, then topped with thick cold foam.
Get the recipe: Greek Freddo Cappuccino

Iced Protein Shake

Iced Protein Shake
Photo Credit: The Oregon Dietitian.

Sweet, caffeinated, and deliciously frosty, this Iced Coffee Protein Shake doesn’t just taste good — it’ll also keep you fueled up until lunch! Perfect for breakfast on the go or as a post-workout snack, this Cold Brew Smoothie is my favorite way to start the day.
Get the recipe: Iced Protein Shake

Copycat Philz Coffee Mint Mojito

Copycat Philz Coffee Mint Mojito
Photo Credit: The Oregon Dietitian.

Introducing the ultimate pick-me-up potion for all you coffee and mint lovers out there: my copycat Philz Mint Mojito Coffee recipe! This delightful concoction is like summer in a cup — a refreshing blend of cool mint and invigorating coffee.
Get the recipe: Copycat Philz Coffee Mint Mojito

Coffee Lemonade

Photo Credit: Milk and Pop.

Sweet, refreshing and made with both orange and lemons, this coffee lemonade is an amazing drink for summer. Try it if you love something different.
Get the recipe: Coffee Lemonade

Dirty Iced Matcha

Photo Credit: Milk and Pop.

Dirty Matcha Coffee is a creamy, refreshing iced beverage that can be made in less than 5 minutes and has all the benefits of both coffee and matcha.
Get the recipe: Dirty Iced Matcha

Vanilla Bean Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Photo Credit: Masala and Chai.

This sweet, creamy Iced Ube (purple yam)latte is the perfect, colorful summer drink to add to your repertoire of homemade coffees. It uses ube extract for the sweet ube flavor which is delicious with coconut milk. Then it’s topped off with a strong frothy shot of espresso.
Get the recipe: Iced Ube Latte

Peach Sun Tea

Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Peach tea has all of the flavors of summer in a single glass, and for this recipe the sun will do all of the work for you. Serve this delicious tea over ice sweetened or unsweetened for the perfect ending to a warm summer day. 
Get the recipe: Peach Tea

Homemade Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Photo Credit: Or Whatever You Do.

This sweet and creamy vanilla cold brew coffee is the answer to afternoon pick me ups when the weather has gotten on the hot side of summer. It’s so easy to make you’ll be enjoying them all summer long. 
Get the recipe: Homemade Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

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