brunch platter with bagels and lox

Bagel Bar Brunch Platter

  • Author: Emily


Early morning entertaining made EASY! This bagel bar brunch platter requires NO COOKING and has everything you need for a meal – all on one platter!



  • various bagels (mini or regular)
  • 12 flavors cream cheese
  • protein: lox or smoked salmon, hard boiled eggs
  • vegetables: sliced cucumbers, sliced tomatoes, sliced avocado
  • fruit: berries, clementines
  • mini muffins or baked goods


  1. Gather all components and put them out on a large baking sheet or cutting board.
  2. Start with bowls and/or dishes of cream cheese and fruit, followed by lox and vegetables, bagels, fruit and baked goods.

TIP: Place bowls of cream cheese and berries on the board first, followed by small cutting board or plate with lox, eggs, and vegetables. Finish with bagels and fruit.


  • This is a perfect meal for brunch or even a breakfast-for-dinner meal!