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Bagel Bar Brunch Platter

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You know I love a snack board dinner, a cheese board, a mezze platter…and now, the latest fave for hosting brunch? This bagel bar brunch platter!

Easy, no cooking required, and lots of fun. I usually serve this for brunch, but I’d totally serve it up any time of the day. Especially in hot summer months – why not serve it for dinner?

Plus, many kids love it when unexpected items show up for meals…so long as they are FUN, and this one definitely fits the fun criteria.

Whether you’re looking for brunch ideas or a fun breakfast-for-dinner, these breakfast party platter ideas are sure to please.

brunch platter with bagels and fruit

Bagel Platter Ideas

Go for variety on your breakfast board! I like to make sure that I’ve got the following components:

  • Baked goods: variety of bagels (obviously!). Go for some plain, savory, and a few sweet.
  • Fruits: variety that can be nibbled and don’t require silverware, like berries, apple slices, or clementines.
  • Vegetables: cucumber slices, tomato slices, thinly sliced red onion, avocado slices. And anything else that sounds good!
  • Protein: smoked salmon, lox, deli meats, hard boiled eggs, greek yogurt tubes.
  • Spreads: cream cheese (flavored and plain), and a vegan/dairy-free option like hummus or peanut butter.
  • Fun: mini muffins, danishes, donut holes, whatever looks fun and tasty!

Bagel Topping Ideas

You can’t go wrong with classic cream cheese, but I also like offering a variety of bagel toppings like lox, veggies, and some dairy-free options like hummus or peanut butter.

Don’t forget the everything bagel seasoning! (affiliate link)

bagels and lox

How to Arrange a Bagel Bar Brunch Platter

The #1 tip for how to arrange a cheese platter is to CRAM THAT BRUNCH PLATTER FULL! Different colors, shapes, flavors, and textures. Click here to watch a video on how to arrange a cheese platter to get a good idea of how to arrange a cheese board or brunch platter.

how to make a bagel board
  1. Cream cheese. Start with bowls of cream cheese and or any bowls of berries, etc. Space them throughout the cheese platter.
  2. Lox, deli meats, and vegetables. Next add the bagels and lox platter. Group the items that will likely go together next to each other, like I did here.
  3. Bagels and baked goods. Spread out bagels and baked goods onto the platter, grouped around the cream cheese and lox platter.
  4. Fresh components. Now we’re going to add the fruit and any other vegetables. You want people to be able to pick up one piece and eat it easily, so cut cucumbers into rounds on a bias; slice any pears or apples; and cut off the top of the clementine so that it’s easy for people to peel.
  5. Take a look. Step back and look at your bagel bar. Does it feel and look balanced? With a good variety? GOOD! If not, add some extra fruit, cucumber slices or mini treats to the mix.
how to make a bagel bar

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brunch platter with bagels and lox

Bagel Bar Brunch Platter

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Early morning entertaining made EASY! This bagel bar brunch platter requires NO COOKING and has everything you need for a meal – all on one platter!


  • various bagels (mini or regular)
  • 12 flavors cream cheese
  • protein: lox or smoked salmon, hard boiled eggs
  • vegetables: sliced cucumbers, sliced tomatoes, sliced avocado
  • fruit: berries, clementines
  • mini muffins or baked goods


  1. Gather all components and put them out on a large baking sheet or cutting board.
  2. Start with bowls and/or dishes of cream cheese and fruit, followed by lox and vegetables, bagels, fruit and baked goods.

TIP: Place bowls of cream cheese and berries on the board first, followed by small cutting board or plate with lox, eggs, and vegetables. Finish with bagels and fruit.


  • This is a perfect meal for brunch or even a breakfast-for-dinner meal!
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