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Hi! I’m Emily Dingmann, Nutritionist and mom who helps overwhelmed moms get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less by using the cook once, eat twice method, kitchen shortcuts, and the Weeknight Dinner Club

When 5pm hits, it can be tough on everyone. The kids are whining. You’re exhausted. But dinner still needs to happen and everyone needs to eat. Do you feel like you have to choose between quesadillas (again!) and a gourmet meal? 

I learned the hard way that it doesn’t have to be that way!

You see, pre-kids I loved spending an hour on relaxing dinners at home. But with an LA traffic commute and a baby who went to bed at 7pm, we ended up eating a LOT of Chipotle. 

Eventually, I realized something had to shift. And maybe you’re realizing that too! 

My easy weeknight dinners are designed to help you get dinner on the table fast by smart kitchen shortcuts, the Cook Once, Eat Twice method, and always, one family dinner

The Weeknight Dinner Club – done for you meal plans each and every week so that you’ll never wonder wtf is for dinner again. 

Recipes – Quick and easy, you’ll find the perfect dinner.