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A Raise-Your-Vibe Morning Routine

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Something I’ve been mildly obsessed with in the last year or two especially, is establishing a morning routine. You’ve probably seen a number of morning routines on social media and maybe thought that you don’t have the time, you don’t have a quiet space, or you don’t feel like it’s worth it. But here’s why I think you should give it some consideration…

I know you want to feed your family well.

Feeding your family takes time, decisions, planning, money, and a ton of mental space.

And the better you take care of yourself and put your own needs first, the better you can show up for them. For me, it starts with a solid morning routine.

You deserve to have time and space for yourself, especially when the demands of motherhood, work, or life in general are high – which they are! And no matter what YOUR morning routine looks like, I think there is the potential for becoming as obsessed as I am!

I’ve been experimenting a lot with my own morning routine journey, and it just keeps getting longer and longer so I wanted to share a bit more about what my morning looks like, how I take care of myself, and how I set myself up to have an awesome day. My hope is that it will inspire you to start incorporating some self-care into your mornings as well. Because like I said, you deserve it.

Raise your vibe breakfast

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This conversation around morning routines is brought to you proudly in partnership with Jones Dairy Farm. I’m excited to partner with them again into 2023, especially because we use their products every single week. (If you’ve ever seen my Costco hauls, you’ve seen me recommend their chicken sausages in BULK!)

Today features the delicious Jones Dairy Farm Chicken Sausage. (Aka the product we buy in bulk!) Our whole family loves these sausages and I love that they are full of flavor and take just a few minutes to prepare, making them an easy option for weekdays and weekends alike. They are also Certified Gluten-Free, allergen friendly, and made with all-natural ingredients which is especially helpful for families that need to pay close attention to ingredients and allergens.

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healthy breakfast on a plate

My Morning Routine

One thing I love about morning routines is that it is always evolving and shifting. It’s based on current interests, time, space, energy, self-sufficient kids, season, and even day!

I also love that everyone’s routine looks different. You may look at my list and think, I could never spend that kind of time on myself. Or maybe the opposite! My current list continues to grow as it’s become such a special part of my day and I have more space in my schedule, but no matter what stage of life or motherhood I’m in, eating a solid breakfast has always been a priority. And now that I have a bit more time, taking a few minutes to make something both nourishing and delicious is exactly how I want to start my day.

Here’s a glimpse into my current morning routine:

  • Movement – This one varies a lot based on everything from season, to day of the week, to my own energy levels that day. Sometimes it’s an easy walk, a quick Peleton ride, a yoga class, or a more intense weight session or barre class. I love it all!
  • Journaling – This is quite possibly my favorite part and definitely a piece I always make space for. I grab a cup of coffee and head to my office for some journaling. (This is also always evolving, but currently I touch on the following: gratitude list, mantra for the day, intention for the day, 5 things I need to do that day, 5 things I need to do in life, what my perfect day would look like, and 3 ways I can raise my vibe.)
  • Tapping or Meditation – If you are anything like me, stress and anxiety is always present in your life. Tapping (learn more about EFT here) and meditation can help ground me and bring me back to the present, instead of future-tripping or obsessing about the past.
  • Read – I am always striving to grow and learn, so I use the morning to spend some time with an “educational” book, typically something that will help me in my career and field of work. It’s nothing major, just 10 pages or so when I’m making a cup of coffee.
  • Breakfast – I saved the best for last! Nourishing myself properly is also a huge part of my morning routine. I like to take a few moments to really make a meal that tastes good and is going to help me stay satisfied until lunch and give me the energy I need for my day. One of my favorite meals is a fancy toast (either avocado toast or ricotta toast) with some breakfast sausage on the side. It’s filling, it’s delicious, and sets the tone for my day. I definitely notice if I don’t get enough protein in the morning (more so than other meals) so I’m always sure to add a solid protein source, and frequently it’s one of the Jones Dairy Farm breakfast sausages!
Raise your vibe breakfast

Ideas for Your Own Morning Routine

As I’ve created my own morning routine, I am continuously trying out different activities. I keep the ones I like and ditch the ones I don’t. So it’s important to note that this is not a form punishment, but something that adds value to your life. This is also why your morning routine will be different than my routine. Your morning routine may start at 5am, which for me, at the current stage of life I’m in, would be torture. So all this is to say, find what works for you! Here’s a list of ideas:

  • Open blinds for some natural light
  • Wash your face
  • Skincare routine
  • Stretch
  • Movement: yoga, walk, weights, etc.
  • Get outside
  • Listen to music
  • Listen to audiobook/podcast
  • Savor a cup of coffee or tea
  • Drink a cup of water
  • Shower and get ready
  • Make a gratitude list
  • Plan your day
  • Daydream about your life
  • Skip social media
  • Pray, meditate, or find some connection
  • Connect with someone (in person or text!)
  • Make your bed/clean up your space
  • Read something
  • Pick an oracle or tarot card

Tips for Starting Your Own Morning Routine

Ready to start your own morning routine? Here are a few tips:

  • Start Small – As with any new changes, it’s important to not OVER estimate what you think you can do and then be frustrated that you couldn’t make it happen and ditch the entire thing. Start with 5 minutes, and once you’ve made that into a routine, bump it up.
  • Be ok with shifts – Some mornings will have distractions and some mornings may feel off and some mornings you may have sick kids at home. This is not about perfection, so let go of that.
  • Experiment – There are so many options for adding in some grounding moments into your day, be open to trying out some different things to see what you like.
  • Always include a nourishing meal! This is a non-negotiable, they call breakfast the most important meal of the day for a reason. 🙂
Healthy breakfast

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Raise your vibe breakfast

Raise-Your-Vibe Breakfast

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This nutritious breakfast is the perfect ending (or beginning!) to a solid morning routine. 


  • avocado toast
  • Jones Dairy Farm Chicken Sausage Links
  • coffee or tea


  1. Prepare Jones Dairy Farm sausage according to package instructions. I prefer to make them on the stove, but the microwave works in a pinch as well. 
  2. Prepare your toast. 
  3. Sit down and take a few moments to yourself, you deserve it. 🙂 

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