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A Nourishing Holiday Breakfast

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Will you do something with me? I want you to glimpse at this holiday spread.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Be honest, and don’t judge your reaction.

Is your reaction positive? Negative?

We’re going dig into the question of what does nourishing mean to you? And I’m REALLY exited about this conversation.

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Holiday breakfast spread

This conversation around nourishing meals is brought to you proudly in partnership with Jones Dairy Farm. I’m excited to partner with them again into 2023, especially because we use their products every single week. (If you’ve ever seen my Costco hauls, you’ve seen me recommend their chicken sausages in BULK!)

Today features the delicious Jones Dairy Farm Dry-Aged Center-Cut Bacon. You can definitely taste the quality in this bacon! It has sweet and smoky flavor and is smoked with hickory or cherrywood (no liquid smoke needed!) for the absolute best flavor. It’s also Certified Gluten-Free and allergen friendly, which is especially helpful for families that need to pay close attention to ingredients and allergens.

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What Does Nourishing Mean to You?

You might have looked at this spread and thought, “unhealthy! bad!” but I look at this spread and I think nourishment.

Hear me out. Is it the most nutritious meal you could eat? No. But nourishment comes in many forms – some of it from nutrition, some of it from tradition, and some of it from the most delicious food.

My background in Nutrition and Intuitive Eating allow me look at nourishment in a different way than most. And what I want to impart is that we can approach nourishment from the collective, and not just look at individual items with judgement and assigning “good” or “bad” labels to a particular food. Because while it may not be nutritionally equal to a green smoothie, they serve different purposes and both are important forms of nourishment.

Nourishing: (adjective) (of food) containing substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

This spread has it all and embodies the Christmas morning traditional meal that I grew up with. So beyond the bright winter citrus, sweet and cozy cinnamon rolls, and savory bacon, this meal is seeped in traditions and amazing memories – all of which help it feel incredibly nourishing.

When I look at this spread in terms of nourishment instead of trying to classify it into categories of good and bad, I see that we are getting all the flavors of a good meal (sweet, salty, fat, acid); we are balancing satisfying items with lighter and brighter items; and perhaps most importantly, we will all leave the table feeling satisfied and nourished after a meal of delicious food and family connection.

Holiday brunch spread with fruit bacon and cinnamon rolls

How to Make a Nourishing Holiday Breakfast

Pick one or two items from the component ideas from each category to come up with your own perfect combination.

  • Prepare cinnamon rolls. Prepare cinnamon rolls according to recipe or package. (Don’t forget to thaw and/or proof overnight!)
  • Prep citrus. I prefer citrus supremes, which is fruit segments without the pith and the peel. This is the way my mom always did it on holidays and it’s truly a delightful way to eat citrus. See video for how to do this.
  • Cook bacon. Bake or pan fry bacon for the ultimate crispy and salty bite. I started the Jones Dairy Farm bacon in a cold pan and cooked until crispy, flipping frequently and trying to remember to leave some not-so-crispy for the kids!
Table with breakfast spread

More Holiday Brunch Component Ideas

I’ve already shared my formula for a perfectly nourishing and satisfying holiday brunch, but really it’s a mix-and-match situation, so choose your favorites!



Fresh + Bright

  • Orange segments
  • Grapefruit segments
  • Fresh berries
  • Apple or pear slices
  • Banana slices


Table with breakfast spread
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Holiday breakfast spread

Perfect Holiday Breakfast

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Let’s chat. Nourishment comes in many forms – some of it from nutrition, some of it from tradition, and some of it from the most delicious food. 




  1. Prepare cinnamon rolls according to package instructions. (Be sure to prep or proof overnight if necessary.)
  2. Prep citrus. To serve supreme, watch video above. You’ll want to cut off ends, then slice around the citrus, removing any of the peel. Then cut segments out, cutting as close to the pith as you can. 
  3. Cook bacon. Add bacon to cold pan and cook over medium heat, flipping frequently, until fully cooked. Drain on a plate lined with paper towel.  

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