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5 Healthy Lunches for Kids

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5 Healthy Lunches for Kids are easy ideas to switch up your everyday lunches! 


5 Healthy Lunches for Kids

The end of the school year means many things.

Long summer days.

Sun and sweat from the pool and beach.

And lots and lots of lunches at home.

So in an attempt to make your life a little easier when it comes to feeding your kids, I have a few ideas! I’d like to share these meal posts from time to time, because it’s so easy to get in food ruts and rely on the same old meals that you know your kids will eat. (Or is that just me?! ;)) I’m also working on a whole page dedicated to feeding kids, where all of my favorite resources, recipes, and ideas for meals and snacks will live. If you have any specific requests, be sure to let me know.

On to 5 healthy lunches!

As I mention in the 5 healthy breakfasts for kids post, my approach to building a balanced meals for kids (and adults, too) is to include:

  • grain/starch (preferably whole-grain)
  • protein
  • vegetable
  • fruit (at many meals but not all)
  • milk (if requested)

5 Healthy Lunches for Kids

turkey pinwheel (Spread tortilla with a layer of cream cheese and pesto and top with a slice of turkey. Roll up and slice.) + carrots + blueberries (FYI: baby carrots can be a choking hazard so be careful with new eaters!)

5 Healthy Lunches for Kids

pb & j sushi (Remove crusts from slice of bread, flatten with rolling pin and spread peanut butter and jelly on bread. Roll up and slice. Sprinkle of chia seeds is optional!) + peas (straight from the freezer or lightly thawed) + melon

5 Healthy Lunches for Kids

snack plate: deli turkey + cheese cubes + crackers + grape or cherry tomatoes + kiwi

5 Healthy Lunches for Kids

cheese quesadilla + avocado slices + black beans

5 Healthy Lunches for Kids

egg salad + pita chips or crackers + red pepper strips + apricot

What are the favorite lunches at your house?

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  1. Mercedes

    You are my favorite! Any tips on what to look for with deli turkey?? I cringe when Tyler eats it and have gotten him to eat only Boar’s Head and finally not every day anymore. What do you look for in the deli meat you serve Demi? Also what about the tortillas? I always love your tips Em! Any BABY YET???

    • Emily

      I like Boar’s Head the best for flavor and texture so that’s what I buy for myself, but for Demi I usually try to get organic meat, so it’s often applegate! As for the tortillas, Trader Joe’s has a 100% whole wheat and organic tortilla that is nice and soft, so it’s my favorite. 🙂

      And no baby yet!

  2. Mary

    Fabulous ideas! Even a picky eater will find something he/she enjoys, and there are always substitutes to make – whether due to allergies, intolerance, or a simply dislike. 🙂 Thanks for sharing these! And the presentations are as gorgeous as the food is nutritious!