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5 easy ways to make your day a little healthier

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I’m sharing 5 easy ways to make your day a little healthier!

5 easy ways to make your day a little healthier

This post is sponsored by Naked Juice. I’m partnering with them over the next few months, and am so excited to introduce you to their new line of cold pressed juices! 

In my opinion, good health is all about the big picture. It’s not about being perfect all of the time, but incorporating smart habits (like the ones below!) into your days…weeks…years. These little changes and improvements add up, and best of all, they are doable! Nothing crazy, nothing off limits.

5 easy ways to make your day a little healthier: 

Cook at home: It’s always a good idea to eat less processed foods, less sugar and salt and really know what’s going into your food. The best way to do this is to cook at home. I love eating out more than anyone, but most meals should be eaten and prepared at home. If that’s a stretch, work up to it!

Eat vegetables at every meal: Vegetables at lunch and dinner are standard, but can take a little getting used to at breakfast. But there are a few easy ways to do it. If you like a savory breakfast, add some vegetables to your toast or egg scramble. If sweet mornings are more your style, have a green or veggie smoothie or juice. I love adding kale and spinach to smoothies, but I’m also loving these cold pressed juices by Naked, that just launched this month! I don’t have time to make smoothies in the morning, so the convenience of a juice that’s ready-to-go can not be beat.

Botanical Citrus Lemongrass is a blend of orange, apple, cucumber, pineapple, spinach, lemon, passionfruit and lemongrass oil. It’s just how I like my green juice – bright and fresh, not too sweet, and not too green. 

The fruit and vegetables are pressed straight into the bottle, always kept cold and never include any sugar or preservatives. Just how juice should be. 🙂

5 easy ways to make your day a little healthier

Apples to Lavender is a blend of apple, cucumber, beet, cranberry, lemon, passionfruit and lavender oil. It has that deep beet color and flavor that is so beautiful!

Add more whole-grains: A few simple swaps and all of the grains you eat throughout the day can be whole! Sprouted bread at breakfast, quinoa at lunch and whole-wheat pasta at dinner. If your family isn’t quite ready for 100% whole grain, start with blends first and work your way up to all whole grains.

Go for a walk: There are so many reasons to get outside and go for a walk, but I find the combination of fresh air (maybe a little dose of Vitamin D too!) and a little movement so invigorating, I try to make it happen every day. Even if it’s a really short one, it’s something I usually need mentally AND physically.

5 easy ways to make your day a little healthier

Eat protein at every meal: We all have different protein needs, based on size, activity level, etc. but I definitely notice if a meal or snack is missing protein – I’m hungry again within minutes! You don’t have to have to have a huge chicken breast or protein shake at every meal, but do include something like nut butter at breakfast, beans on a salad at lunch and a piece of chicken or fish at dinner.

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