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12 Random Cooking Tips That Can Transform Your Dishes

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Whether you’re a beginner or already have a passion for cooking, we all need a refresher on the best tips from time to time. Here, members of a popular online platform walk you through their best cooking tips that will surely turn your meals around!

1. Mise En Place

Chopping vegetables

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Mise en place means assemble everything in one place before you start cooking. This way, you’ll know what you have and what you need before starting the actual cooking process, and your cooking will be more efficient.

2. A Dash of Curry Works Wonders

Curry powder

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“A little bit of curry will make frozen corn taste fresh,” comments a home cook. Curry powder also adds a layer of flavor to all kinds of stews. If you want to excite your tastebuds, don’t skimp on this spice.

3. Try Different Types of Oil

Olive Oil

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I’m a stickler for a specific type of vegetable oil, but when I tried coconut, olive, and avocado oils, I decided to diversify my cooking oil collection. A user agrees, saying, “Sesame oil is light and sweet and goes well with popcorn, while avocado oil works anywhere.”

4. Add Garlic


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Garlic is a natural flavor enhancer. It makes food taste better, but it doesn’t go into pastries. Fresh garlic is always best, but you can use garlic powder if you’re in a pinch. Add to soups, meats, or anything savory!

5. A Crock Pot Will Make Your Meat Tender and Juicy


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When you cook meat on your stovetop, it’s often challenging and chewy. I always fall culprit to this and wonder why my meat tenderizer doesn’t get the job done. To skip the headaches, toss your meat into a crockpot and enjoy the softness and juiciness.

6. Add Sour Cream for Extra Smooth Scrambled Eggs

Sour Cream

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This is a surprising one! “Sour cream will keep your eggs warm and creamy for a long time'” says a chef, “It is a delicious secret that will have you filling your plate with as many eggs as you can eat.”

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7. Thoroughly Dry All Your Meats Before Cooking

Hawaiian Chicken

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Drying makes meat brown quickly and, on poultry, gives crispness to the skin. If you want to cook your meat well for a shorter time, total drying it is the secret. Use a paper towel that you can throw away after blotting.

8. Toast Nuts and Spices Before Adding Them to Your Food


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Toasting adds a tremendous amount of flavor to nuts and spices. I tried this a couple of times and can testify that it intensifies the flavor of pastries as different foods. Toast for about five to six minutes on low heat and let the magic happen.

9. Add Acid to Perk up a Dish

Squeezing lemon on fish

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If your dish is bland, a touch of orange or lemon juice will bring it to life. Acid has a way of adding a delicious tanginess to your food. With it, there’s no excuse to let your food go bland. Careful, though, once you get used to a healthy amount of acid, you’ll never want your food to go without it!

10. Eggwash Will Make Your Baked Goods Sumptuous

Egg wash

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A touch of eggwash and milk or heavy cream while baking will give your bread or scones a golden hue and add flavor to the crust. Combine egg and heavy cream, stir, and put your pastry brush to good use.

11. Always Use Pure Water

woman with water

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A user adds, “If your water is dirty and tastes bad, your food will taste bad.” Most importantly, we don’t want to take chances with infections. Therefore, you should only cook with clean water. While this cook seems to think a little out of the box, he couldn’t be more accurate!

12. Be Willing to Taste Everything

woman cooking

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Last but not least, always taste your food as you cook. You don’t want to make assumptions and be disappointed when you get to the table. Taste for the salt, if the flavor spices are enough, and whether the food cooks correctly.

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