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11 Ways to Upgrade Your Sandwich

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Sandwiches are a delicious, easy and quick meal that have the added advantage of being perfectly portable. Sandwiches can be so much more than just meat and cheese slapped on two pieces of bread. With a few more ingredients or a few simple changes you can make a huge upgrade to the flavor and texture of this simple meal, so let’s talk about how you can upgrade your next sandwich!

1. Veggies

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Vegetables are an easy way to add additional flavors, colors, and in some cases crunch to your sandwich. Try sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, baby spinach, sliced or smashed avocados, onions, and bell peppers. Grilled or roasted vegetables are also incredible on sandwiches.

2. Protein

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You’ll definitely want a protein source on your sandwich. Deli meat is the most popular option. You can also add a few different types of deli meat to keep it interesting. Try turkey, ham, pastrami, roast beef, roasted chicken, salami, or even pepperoni or prosciutto. If you prefer to keep things vegetarian, then pressed and baked tofu, or cooked tempeh is a great protein for sandwiches.

3. Change up the Cheese

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Cheese adds a few benefits to your sandwich. One is major flavor, but the naturally-occuring fats in dairy also make your sandwich more satisfying and are another source of protein. Add a slice of cheddar, pepper jack, munster, or havarti or try a spreadable cheese like goat or whipped feta on a Mediterranean sandwich.

4. High-Quality Bread

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Given that the bread is a pretty big component of a sandwich, use good bread! There are so many choices beyond just white or wheat, try sprouted grain breads, focaccia, rye, sourdough, or pumpernickel breads for a new twist to your sandwiches. 

Tomato Mozzarella Panini

5. Choose your Condiments

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While mayo and mustard are classic sandwich condiments there are MANY more options available to you these days. Sriracha mayonnaise, flavored mustards, hummus, guacamole, or tahini can all be used for an elevated sandwich spread. 

Turkey Pesto Panini

6. Add Fruit

Fruit might not be something that you normally think about adding to a sandwich; but it can really enhance the flavor of your sandwich. Add some sliced peaches to a summer chicken salad, apple slices for a juicy crunch on a turkey sandwich, or a smooth and creamy slice of avocado. 

7. Toast the Bread

Another simple way to elevate your sandwich is to toast the bread, and then spread on your condiments. This also keeps your sandwich from getting soggy and falling apart. You could also grill your bread in a saute pan, or you could turn your tasty sandwich into a panini. 

8. Layer it Properly

One of the most important keys to a great looking and tasting sandwich is to layer it properly. Spread your condiments or “fat shield” on the bread, then add your densest vegetables like pickles or cucumber slices. Now is the time to add the cheese, then the meat, and then your lettuce. Spread condiments on the other slice of bread and place it on top of your sandwich. 

9. Serve it Hot

You can transform your sandwich by serving it warm! If you’re worried about heating up the lettuce and tomato, leave them off until after you warm it. Wrap your sandwich in foil and heat in the oven at 250 degrees for ten minutes or heat it on a hot griddle.

Your meat and bread will be warmed through and your cheese will be melted into gooey goodness. This is also a great way to refresh a leftover sandwich from the day before!  

10. Sandwich Sides

Don’t forget the sides! Try potato salad, a cup of soup, a side salad, cole slaw, chips, or sliced vegetables with a dipping sauce make great sides. 


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