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10 Single-Use Culinary Items We Don’t Feel Guilty About (Except for #5!)

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I try not to feel guilty about using food, though I draw the line at waste. Nothing makes my soul weep more than discarded food, and nothing brings me more joy than recycling leftovers into new forms. However, there are some single-use cooking items people hardly ever use, but who cares? A recent online post shares cooking enthusiasts’ picks for such items. Here are their takeaways.

1. Corn Bread Molds

Corn bread mold

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“Cast iron cornbread mold so you can serve cornbread that looks like little ears of corn,” adds a baking enthusiast. “A relic from another era I cherish.” Who wouldn’t want cornbread that resembles the origin of its ingredient? Sometimes, these items might be family heirlooms, too.

2. Apple Corer

Apple Corer

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“It should be more broadly useful, but I only pull it out when making a pie,” writes the next chef. But why else would you need it? Who removes apple cores when they eat an apple? I have so many questions. Besides a purée or slices, I cannot see a scenario where I would not want my apple core intact.

3. Soy Milk Pillow


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“Sounds weird, but I have a pillowcase just to make fresh soy milk,” remarks a curious home-cooking amateur. “You soak the beans, put them in a blender, boil them in a big pot, pour the contents in a pillowcase, and squeeze the juice out into another container.” That was an exhaustive process; I will just use mine to sleep.

4. Preserved Lemon

Preserved Lemon

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“I made preserved lemon because it sounded neat,” writes another frivolous home cook. “Now I have preserved lemon in my fridge and don’t know what to do with it.” I have never understood the appeal, personally. Lemons are already sour enough; why not add salt and worsen them?

5. Ziploc Bags

Ziploc Bags

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“A big cut-open Ziploc bag to press tortillas,” concedes the first guilt-free cook. “I use it with a cast iron pan.” I love them too, and yes, I know they are bad for the environment, but they are so clean and useful! Sorry, Earth, we will do better.

6. Bundt Pans

Bundt Pans

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“I have a nice Nordic Ware bundt pan with a unique design that I use exactly once a year,” admits another baker. “Worth it.” Having that one seasonal cake tin seems a waste of kitchen space; why not make those cakes more often?

7. Potato Ricers

Potato Ricers

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I bought a potato ricer to make good mashed potatoes, and I use it exactly three times a year. It is a fun gadget, though cumbersome and horrible to wash, but I love it. “Second this. Mostly keep mine for gnocchi,” notes another fan. “It’s worth the space in the cupboard for that alone.”

8. Pizzelle Maker


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“That pizzelle recipe is the only recipe I have from my father’s mother,” writes a fan of the Italian Christmas cookie recipe. Food such as Pizzelles is historically important, so I love seeing these traditions passed down between generations. More pizzelle makers, please!

9. Paellera (Paella Pan)

Paella Pan

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I am married to a Spanish native, so knowing how to make paella should be important to my wife. However, I am the default chef in our household due to my penchant for eating and my wife’s immunity to good cooking. Therefore, I now own a paellera, which hangs on my wall, taking up too much space, which I use only occasionally.

10. Egg White Folder

Woman buying raw eggs

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“Egg white folder for angel food cake or meringues,” writes the next poster. “It looks like a tiny tennis racket, and it works very well.” I love the idea of a tiny tennis racket having an honored place in the kitchen. Did someone say lemon meringue pie? Yes, please!

Source: Reddit.

AUTHOR: Ben Rice

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