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10 Simple Cooking Miracles That Saved the Day

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Despite extensive planning, every home chef knows things can go wrong in the kitchen. And sometimes it takes a miracle to save the meal. From a pinch of genius to improvisation and pure luck, these are stories of everyday people online who experienced cooking flukes that saved their meals.

1. Mystery Wine Transforms Roast

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One commenter shares an experience where while preparing a roast with potatoes, onions, and celery, a missing Worcestershire sauce led to the discovery of a fallen, untouched bottle of 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, nestled among jars. And this gift from the past gave the meal new, tasty flavors. “I’m so jazzed about this mystery wine fairy miracle. The roast really leveled up,” they write.

2. Power Outage

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One foodie recalled cooking an expensive standing rib roast and dashing out for a brief errand. They expected to return within half an hour since the roast was to be ready in 60 minutes. However, they witnessed a road accident and had to assist an injured driver. That meant their roast was ruined for sure, right? There was a power outage for over five hours, which was restored just a few minutes before they returned, and the roast was fine. Who would’ve thought a power outage could be a good thing?

3. Custard From Gravy Experiment

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Chemistry is amazing. You end up with a completely different dish by adding an extra ingredient and making a few changes. Imagine trying to make gravy and ending up with something different. No one wants their meal to turn out terrible, but that doesn’t have to be the case. While one epicure tried to make the perfect lemon pepper gravy, they added a pinch of chaos. Somehow, while measuring, mixing, and musing, they confused sugar for salt and forgot to add pepper. The result? Lemon custard. What a save!

4. Furry Buddy Saves the Day

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A grand blackberry swirl cheesecake was in the making for a birthday bash. Our protagonist decided fashionably late was the way to go. The recipe involved a wafer crust that demanded par-baking, a cool-down session, and the filling. Our cook was a bit exhausted and decided to get some shut-eye. However, the alarm they set got turned off somehow, and they were home alone. It was only when their spouse returned home and their dog barked that they woke up. The realization came that the alarm had been off for 30 minutes. Yet, relief followed panic when a perfectly done cheesecake was found in the oven. One commenter remarks, “Give your dog a pet from me and tell ’em the internet said they’re a good pup!” Of course they are!

5. Backup Turkey

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At 85 years old, Grandma decided to host one final Thanksgiving feast before passing on the apron. With years between her last hosting stint, the family was excited. Meanwhile, the storyteller, keen on their leftover turkey fix, prepped their bird that morning. Arriving at Grandma’s a bit early, they discovered she cooked the turkey for two hours three days prior, then finished it on the big day. That wasn’t safe at all. Luckily, our storyteller had a perfectly cooked turkey at home. So, they rushed home to get their turkey and skillfully swapped it with Grandma’s risky dish. This covert operation protected both their stomach and their Grandma’s reputation.

6. Quick Thinking Creates Magic

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Attempting to sauté a chicken piece, one food nerd hit a sizzling roadblock when their oil became scorched. Thinking quickly, they experimented with soy sauce and broth in the oil. Something magical happened as the ingredients transformed the dish into a spitting image of those delightful teriyaki chicken skewers you’d order for takeout. It wasn’t just about appearances; the taste was a mind-blowing encore. However, this home chef reveals that he hasn’t been able to achieve the same results after that day.

7. Rediscovered Genovese Sauce

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One person shares a story where they made a batch of delightful Genovese sauce, stashed the extras in the freezer, and forgot about them. Every week or so, they’d take a bag for a speedy, flavorsome dinner. After a few weeks, they believed the Genovese sauce had finished, but they were wrong. While they prepared for a move a while later, they found one last bag of that delectable sauce. Yes, it was a few months old, but they swore it was still brimming with flavor.

8. The Internet Save

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Say you promised a friend any baked good of their choice for their birthday. What do you do when they ask for something you’ve never heard of before, let alone know how to make? One commenter was asked for a Princess Tarte, a Swedish masterpiece made with custard, jams, creams, and marzipan. Thankfully, the internet has all the answers. Thanks to YouTube, they found the recipe. But it took days of mixing, layering, and crafting to create their friend’s confectionery dream. And when the grand unveiling arrived, the friend’s awe was the sweetest reward.

9. A Case of Double-Yolk Eggs

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“Once, I bought these beautiful big brown eggs at CVS of all places. I swear half of the dozen were double-yolked eggs. I felt like the luckiest man alive,” one foodie shares. Another food lover shares a memory of a poultry haven in Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market. This farm offered cartons of a dozen double-yolk eggs. But they didn’t always know this until they purchased one such carton and found that every egg contained not one, but two yolks! These double yolks are the stuff of pasta-making dates. Making homemade pasta with these eggs makes everything better.

10. The Sugar Solution

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At the annual Chuck Wagon cook-off, a spirited cook found themself captaining the meat department. The norm was chicken fried steak, but they decided to flip the script and make smothered steak. However, this decision resulted in a salty concoction. Crisis mode engaged until our cook remembered a meal where they used sugar to make food less salty. They weren’t sure it’d work since that was from a different dish. But like magic, sugar transformed the salty steak into a savory delight. The outcome was Victory in the Meat category that same weekend.

Source: Reddit.

AUTHOR: Boloere Seibidor

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