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10 Most Controversial Vegan Food Opinions Found on a Vegan Forum

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The topic of vegan food and people being vegan is highly controversial. Many people have issues with how vegan people preach their values, and even vegans criticize other vegans. These opinions emerged in an online vegan forum about controversial food takes.

1. Dates Aren’t Dessert

dates fruit

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Dates are a commonly used ingredient for vegan dishes, like sweetening desserts and even in smoothies. However, one forum member stated that dates are “like huge, sad raisins that people convince themselves taste like caramel.” I personally love dates, but I understand what they mean!

2. Coconut Milk Has a Taste

Fresh coconut milk in glass bottle, vegan non dairy healthy drink

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There are a lot of food bloggers and content creators who are either newly vegan or aren’t vegan but cook recipes catering to a more conscious crowd. Because of this, coconut milk has become more popular than ever, with some bloggers pretending it doesn’t have a taste. One person said they saw a recipe substituting coconut cream for dairy in a corn chowder, which is a rookie mistake.

3. Making Vegan Food Also Gluten-Free Is Bad

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There’s an opinion among many people in the vegan community that restaurants and bakeries that cater to vegans shouldn’t also focus on their food being gluten-free. This is because they believe it leads vegan-curious people astray from being vegan. After all, they think gluten-free and vegan food isn’t as palatable.

4. Vegan Pizza Can Be Delicious

Vegan Pizza

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Many commenters discussed how vegan pizza has so much more potential than simply using processed vegan cheese. One suggested topping a pizza with various vegetables and sauce and drizzling it with olive oil. Another mentioned that almond meal and nutritional yeast can be used 1:1 instead of vegan cheese.

5. Vegan Substitutions Should Be Cheaper

Portrait of attractive asian smiling young woman eating salad in restaurant, A young happy girl having a healthy lunch

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Someone strongly believes that it should be cheaper if they order a “veganized version” of a meal while out to eat. For example, if you were to make a salad or a sandwich that comes with meat but take it off, the cost of the item should be reduced.

6. Vegans Need To Learn How To Cook

Woman cooking in kitchen

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Although it’s a bit judgmental and may not consider everyone’s limitations, a common opinion in the comments was that vegans must learn to cook. Someone added, “Learn to cook with what you have, what is in season, and what is on sale. Experimenting is awesome.”

7. Smoothies Aren’t a Good Enough Breakfast

Woman making shake with leafy green and banana

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“Smoothies are not a good breakfast. I don’t want to be freezing first thing in the morning, and I don’t want to wake everybody in the house with blender noises.” Fair points made by this commenter, but I will keep blending away in the morning.

8. Tofu & Soy Products Aren’t Just for Vegans

Tofu with soy bean on wooden board.

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A few vegans in the comments were offended that some people don’t understand the cultural history of tofu products. Additionally, it’s typically very accessible and inexpensive compared to other vegan protein options. One person said, “If you don’t like tofu, I will take it for granted that you don’t know how to cook.”

9. People Don’t Know How To Cook Brown Rice

Bowl with tasty brown rice and mushrooms on color wooden table

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Many people don’t know how to properly cook brown rice so that it is tender and delicious, myself included. One person suggested soaking it for 6-12 hours before cooking to make a big difference in the outcome of your rice.

10. Should Cross-Contamination Matter?

Woman scratching head and thinking

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There was an “argument” in the comments about whether eating food cooked or prepared on a surface with meat is morally wrong. Some people said that it shouldn’t matter since it doesn’t involve them eating meat. Others noted that cross-contamination or ingesting meat could make them feel ill.

Source: Reddit.

Written by: Daisy Frisch

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