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10 “Easy” Dishes Cooks Prefer to Order Out

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Sometimes, a meal is better from takeout than creating it at home. In those instances, paying the extra fee is worth all the effort you save to have your favorite meal, side dish, or dessert made to carry out. For all those times we indulge in the “easy way out,” here are our favorite dishes to order instead of making ourselves.

1. Crispy Chicken Sandwiches

Crispy Chicken Sandwiches

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Hard to make or not, these tasty items are so lovely when you can order them to go. One user listed this as their top-tier meal-to-go item. “Crispy chicken sandwiches. I know they’re not hard. I know they’re often disappointing. I’m still not deep frying for a single sandwich.”

2. Eating for One

Woman eating sandwich

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Sometimes, buying all the ingredients isn’t worth the waste when it’s just you, as one person concluded. “This might sound odd, but sandwiches/subs. Unless I plan on eating the same type daily, I can never use the ingredients at the same rate. I can make an Italian sub, but I just hit the Italian deli when I get a desire.”

3. Hash Browns

Hash Brown

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Having attempted to make these before, I understand why this respondent orders them at a local diner. “Hash browns. I’ve tried all the tricks I read online, and nothing’s the same as diner hash browns.”

4. Stir Fry

Chicken Stir Fry

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One participant admitted that stir fry is easy to make at home but said, “It’s hard to take it to the next level. If I go to an authentic Chinese restaurant, odds are they have woks and burners that burn much hotter than my home stove and usually results in much better tasting stir fry (and more tender meat).”

5. Carbonara

Woman eating Carbonara

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One individual went through many failures before deciding carbonara wasn’t worth it. “Carbonara. It’s so easy in theory but so hard to get right. Learning meant eating a lot of scrambled egg pasta.”

6. Pizza

Burnt Pizza crust

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Depending on who you ask, pizza can be easy. But for one home cook, getting the dough, topping, and sauce just right is anything but easy: “That’s bold, calling pizza easy,” they state.

7. Flapjacks


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I was surprised to see pancakes make this list as they are straightforward, primarily because you can cater to your desire for thickness, fluffiness, and toppings. For someone else, however, pancakes proved to be inconquerable. “Pancakes. Mine are never as good as a good brunch spot. I’ve tried a million recipes to no avail.”

8. Asian Cuisine

days old fried rice

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One poster on the forum takes issue with trying to make Chinese takeout. “I’ve tried many recipes, but I don’t think it’s possible to replicate the deliciousness of Chinese takeout at home.” If only we could make authentic Chinese takeout.

9. Bob Evans

Bob Evans

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When I was little, my parents always stopped at a restaurant that served breakfast all day because it was the one way to ensure I’d eat. I found someone after my own heart when it comes to good food that’s worth the price to buy it. “I’m a sucker for breakfast restaurants.”

10. Summer Sides

Macroni salad

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If there is one dish I understand paying for, it’s macaroni salad. Something so simple shouldn’t be so tricky! One more respondent knows precisely what I mean when they shared, “It never comes out right when I make it myself.”

11. Fajitas


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While fajitas are simple, getting the flavors right, even with store-bought seasoning, can be more satisfying than it is for one interested party. “Fajitas. They’re not hard, but I love ordering them, especially from this place near me.”

12. Middle Eastern Pastries

Kunafa roll

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One person who loves a Middle Eastern pastry called baklava said, “It’s pretty easy to make, but if someplace serves baklava, I’m ordering it. I love it.” Sometimes, it makes more sense to get it from the experts!

Love Affair With Food

Woman eating and enjoying food

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Everyone has something they enjoy eating, no matter how they get it. While we’d all love to be able to make our favorite appetizers, main courses, and desserts at home, there’s no shame in purchasing those we can’t make to our satisfaction.

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AUTHOR: Rebecca Holcomb

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