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10 Cheap Foods People Would Eat Even if They Were Rich

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Many of us have gone through times when we relied on cheap foods, and we may still eat some of them even if we don’t have to. Food lovers discussed what cheap foods they would eat no matter how rich they got in an online forum. Do you agree with their favorites?

1. Baked Potato

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The simple, but mighty baked potato! So many ways to serve it and add flavor to it, it also screams comfort food for many of us. While it’s often considered a side, there are plenty of ways to turn it into an entire meal.

2. Taquitos

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Frozen taquitos are not only conveinient, but also pretty affordable, especially when you buy them in bulk. They can be a balanced source of protein and carbs as well. Add some fresh toppings like lettuce, tomato, and salsa for a whole meal.

3. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

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Grilled cheese is a comfort food on many levels. It’s cheesy, warm, and satisyfing, but there is also a level of nostalgia to it as well. Does it make you think of meals as a child?

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4. Ramen Noodles

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Ramen noodles are one of the cheapest meals out there and it takes me back to summer lunches as a kid! Buy them in bulk and you can still get them for less than a dollar a packet. There are also plenty of ways to add in some more nutrition to ramen – egg, bone broth, etc.

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5. Cinnamon Sugar Toast

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It’s sweet, it’s buttery, it’s crunchy. This simple toast comes together with just 3 ingredients – bread, butter, and cinnamon sugar. Easy, cheap, and delicious.

6. Corn Dogs

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Hot dogs in general are known for being a cheap meal, and buying a package of corn dogs means you don’t even have to buy buns! Incredibly convienient and they always hit the spot.

7. Mac & Cheese

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Anyone else still love mac and cheese as much as they did as a kid? I have never not loved mac and cheese and while the fancy, homemade versions are incredible, there is also something about a box and cheese powder.

8. Rice & Beans

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This classic dish is basic, balanced, and nutritious and you’ll find different verisons of it around the world for those very reasons. Endlessly customizable and easy to add flavor and more nutrition with a fried egg and some fresh ingredients.

9. Taco Bell

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Perhaps one of the cheapest fast food restaurants around! The menu varies quite a bit in price, but a basic soft taco will run $1.69 and a potato (vegetarian) taco you can get for $1.00. Grab a bean burrito for $2.19 and a side of cheesy potatoes for $2.29 and you’ve got a nice little meal for less than $5.00.

10. Little Debbie

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Little Debbie cakes were big in the 90’s and I loved any and all varieties. They were cheap but my parents still only let us have a half. They still sound and look so good to me, but I think it’s purely nostalgia as I remember them tasting better than they do today.

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